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Lenovo Z5 Teased by Vice President, Chang Cheng | Photo Credit: Weibo/Chang Cheng

Lenovo Z5 to have a Massive Battery Backup of 45 Days Standby Time

There is too much hype about Lenovo’s upcoming Lenovo Z5 smartphone, and it looks like it will create a segment of its own. After announcing the smartphone will come with a massive 4TB internal space and more than 95% screen-to-body ratio, the company now claims that it will come with a battery backup of 45 days standby time. This equals 1080 hours, which sounds insane and unbelievable.

The company’s Vice President, Chang Cheng, posted the new information on the Chinese media platform Weibo. He has been very active about the Lenovo Z5, regularly dropping teasers and bits of information on social media, the latest being the device has 45 days of standby time. If this is true, it’s truly impressive, but the real question is how much battery backup it will give on real usage, like playing games, calling, browsing, and media playback.

lenovo 45 days

Lenovo Z5 to come with 45 days of standby time | Photo Credit: Weibo/Chang Cheng

Cheng has also added the company will be dropping the invitations for the launch event soon, which suggests the launch will be this month or later. An earlier teaser contained the numbers 14 and 6, which may hint that the smartphone will be unveiled on June 14. From the previous teaser, we know the Lenovo Z5 will have a Full-screen display with no notch or lower bezel sporting more than 95% screen-to-body ratio. The camera samples were recently leaked via Newsmydrivers, where we know the device will come with AI-powered dual cameras in the rear. There will be a  massive 4TB of internal storage thanks to “particle technology.” Cheng claims the smartphone will store 2,000 HD movies, 1,50,000 lossless music files, and 1 million photos. These specs are not currently available on any smartphone, so the smartphone will not only be a flagship killer, it will make an entirely new segment of its own. This smartphone may well be the best one we will see this year.

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