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Jio vs Vodafone vs Airtel
Jio vs Vodafone vs Airtel

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone; Here’s a Look at the Best 4G Prepaid Plans

Recently on October 19 in Diwali Reliance Jio revised its both prepaid and postpaid plans. Though the local. STD and roaming calls are still free on Jio, there have been significant and to be precise costly changes to some of its tariff plans.

Under the Jio Prime prepaid section, Jio lists 9 different plans starting from Rs 52 to Rs 4,999. Under the Jio Prime postpaid section, there are five different plans starting from Rs 309 to Rs 999. Under all these plans the calls and SMS are free but the Unlimited SMS referred to the plan benefits will be capped at 100 free SMS per day in compliance with TRAI Regulations. If we look at its competitors like Vodafone an Airtel they have been offering almost similar offers. We take a look and determine which company offers the best bang for buck in the prepaid segment

Reliance Jio

Starting with the youngest member, Reliance Jio best offers are of Rs 399 and Rs 509. The Rs 399 plan offers 1 GB daily data for a period of 70 days that makes 70 GB of data altogether. The Rs 509 plan provides 2 GB of data daily for a period of 49 which was recently reduced from 56 days. There is a monthly prepaid plan of Rs 149 and weekly plans of Rs 52 (1 week) and Rs 98 (2 weeks). Similarly, there is a Rs 999, Rs 1999 and a Rs 4999 plan with a validity of 90, 180 and a year of days respectively.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone


Coming to Airtel, they offer less 4G plans  (hence less flexibility ) in comparison to Reliance Jio. They offer Rs 399 plan and a Rs 149 plan. On the 4G  Rs 399 plan, Airtel offers 1GB data per day for 28 days with bundled unlimited calls and SMS. Comparatively, at the same amount of price Reliance Jio offers 70 days validity. Airtel also has a Rs 349 plan which is the same as the Rs 399 plan except data offering is not different for 4G and non-4G handset users. The Rs 149 plan gives total 2GB of data at a validity of 28 days.  This still doesn’t compare with Reliance Jio’s Rs 149 offer which offers almost twice (4.2 GB ) data at same time. However, one advantage is that Airtel offers data rollover which means you can utilise the remaining data in the next bill cycle.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone


Moving to Vodafone, users can choose between Rs 149, Rs 257 and Rs 348. On the Rs 149 pack, we get total 575 MB of data for a validity of 28 days. In the Rs 257 pack, we get daily 2GB of data for a period of 28 days (not daily, for the whole month). However, there is a daily limit of 250 minutes and weekly cap of 1000 minutes for local and STD calls. The Rs 348 pack which is a limited offer provides 1 GB of data for 28 days along with unlimited local and STD calls but with the same daily limit of 250 minutes and weekly cap of 1000 minutes.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone

Looking at the three competitors Reliance Jio is still the undefeated king of the data offerings. If you don’t have Jio, you can choose Airtel. But Vodafone packs are the costliest and do not even come near to Jio’s.  Reliance Jio rules the data war between the telecom operators.

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