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How Jio Pay & Jio Media Cable Works?

Jio Pay is a Payment method that helps you to make payment digitally without carrying physical cards. The app is exclusively available on Jio Phone. It is a pre-installed app on the JioPhone. If you are a JioPhone user, then you will be able to make payment at Petrol Pump, Bus and other public transport etc. with the help of Jio Pay app.

How Jio Pay Works?

Jio Pay works on NFC (Near field communication) technology. Users need to stores their credit/debit card details in their account. And when you want to pay for an item or service, just open the app and place it near the retailer’s point-of-sale terminal. A signal sends through NFC hardware send the payment details from the phone. Finally, enter your PIN and complete the transaction.

using jiopay at pos terminal
Jio Pay at POS Terminal

You can also transfer money from one JioPhone’s Jio Pay account to another Jio Pay account using NFC feature.

Money Transfer
Money Transfer

Jio Media Cable

Alongside the Jio Pay, the company also showcased Jio Media Cable at the India Mobile Congress 2017. The media cable device comes with two variants, first one is with RCA Out and the second one is with HDMI Out. If your TV supports HDMI cable, then you have to purchase HDMI adapter. Old CRT TV user needs to buy RCA adapter.
RCA Out & HDMI out
RCA Out & HDMI out
It also has a power source port that can be used to charge the Phone while steaming contents to a TV. On CRT TVs video appears in a 4:3 aspect whereas video appears in a16:9 aspect ratio on HD TVs. You can also view content at 720p if your TV is capable of rendering 720p contents.
Power Source
Power Source

In short, Jio Media Cable device is a middleman to mirror your JioPhone’s display to your TV. You just need to connect your phone to the media adapter initially & then you can connect it to your television. That’s all; Everything you will be doing on your phone will be reflected your TV.

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