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Jio Giga TV

Jio Giga TV: Everything We Know So far about Jio’s Set-Top Box

As Jio Giga TV uses internet connection to stream contents, so apart from watching TV channels, users can also enjoy YouTube videos, Netflix etc

Mukesh Ambani led company Reliance Jio has been in the news headlines since the past few years. And now Jio is going to bring all-new Jio Giga TV as a part of the Jio Giga Fiber initiative. So, in this article, we will discuss in detail about the Jio Giga TV plans, price, how to book online and many other details. So, without any further due, let’s get started.

Is Internet Overtaking TV?

For the past few decades, people have been watching television channels to fulfil their needs for entertainment. But in past few years, especially after the launch of Reliance Jio, a big chunk of youth have shifted towards online content and watching videos online on various platforms such as YouTube (it gave birth of many famous YouTubers of today), Facebook, IGTV, TikTok, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Nowadays youths hardly watch any television program. Instead, they enjoy watching or reading content online as it provides them with the content they want which is not possible in television. That’s also a reason behind the popularity of various streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVF, etc.

But that doesn’t mean TV channels will die. There’s a great number of people like my mom and dad who don’t know how to use the internet and they prefer watching various programs and serials on TV. Apart from that, there are many channels who focuses on youth such as MTV, Music channels, etc. So, a lot of young people also prefer watching some of the TV programs.

That’s where the use of the internet to watch TV channels comes into play. In future, a lot of people are going to use the internet to watch TV instead of opting for a d2h connection.

And as Reliance Jio has developed a huge infrastructure to provide high-speed internet connection through Fiber optic cable throughout the country, Jio is looking forward to capturing this opportunity to provide high-speed home broadband services at a super affordable price with their Jio Giga TV.

What is Jio Giga TV?

Jio Giga TV is basically a system containing a set-top box (like one we use today with the dish and cable TV system) and a wireless smart remote which works similarly to today’s set-top boxes but takes high-speed home broadband connection into use to stream the contents instead of using a dish or a cable network.

And as it uses internet connection to stream contents, apart from watching TV channels, users can also watch content that’s available on internets such as YouTube videos, Netflix, Amazon Prime and even TikTok videos.

The smart remote comes with a microphone through which, users can put voice commands to change TV channels or to find video contents.

Reliance Jio still did not make any official announcement regarding the launch of Jio Giga TV. But we have got several inputs from trusted sources and other news websites.

What are the Benefits of Jio Giga TV?

  • Users can choose content according to their demand.
  • Users can access online content platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook.
  • Voice calling is available through Giga TV.
  • HD Video calling facility is also provided with Giga TV.
  • High-speed lightning-fast internet speed upto 1 Gbps at home.
  • Free subscription to various music, movies and video streaming services such as JioMovies, JioSongs, Jio Cinema as part of the whole package.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Virtual Reality handset can be used to enjoy 3D videos.

Jio Giga TV Price

Talking about Giga TV set-top box price, it will come as part of a whole bundle. So, by paying the price, you do not only get the Giga TV, but you also get a high-speed home broadband connection with a router. However, the availability of a single or dual-band in the router will depend upon the router you choose.

As of now, Jio is offering two different security deposit package for those who want to take a Giga Fiber connection that may bundle Giga TV set-top box. By paying Rs 4,500 you can opt a dual-band router and for a single-band router, you have to pay Rs 2,500. These are the cost of getting a new connection along with the devices (such as Giga TV) that comes under the bundle.

Jio Giga TV Plans

As per TelecomTalk report, Jio will launch a Triple Play Plan which includes access to Jio Giga TV, Unlimited Voice, Data up to 100GB capped at 100 Mbps and complimentary subscription to Jio Apps. The triple play rechange plan comes with a validity of 28 days. The price for the plan has not announced right now as it is under testing.

Launch Date & Availability

Jio itself has not announced anything about the launch of the Jio Giga TV, but reportedly many beta testers are currently using it for few months. Apart from that, an insider who works at Jio has also revealed some of the information about it a few months back.

So, Jio Giga TV is expected to be launched very soon this year. But there is a twist. Providing such high-speed internet through Fiber optic cable requires huge infrastructure. So, providing this service all over the country at once is very challenging for Jio at the beginning of the launch. So, initially, this service will be available to metro cities only.

Jio Giga TV Booking Process

As of now, users can only show their interest on Giga TV through Jio’s official website. Then depending upon the number of interested customer in a certain geographical area, Jio will start providing the connection. If you are currently living in a metro city, then you will get a connection very soon.

  • First of all, show your interest online in your area by clicking here.
  • Select your location and then you will see a registration form.
  • Enter details like Name, Email and Mobile number.
  • Generate OTP and Submit.

Giga TV Booking

  • Once Fiber connection is available in your area you will be able to book Jio Giga TV through Jio.com.


Once you order the Jio Giga TV and the whole bundle at your address, Jio officials will come at your place and they will install the devices and give you the Fiber optic cable connection at zero extra cost. For configuration, you have to access the Fiber router login page. So, if the service becomes available at your place, then you don’t have to worry about the installation.

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