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How to Change Password & SSID of Jio Giga Fiber Router?

Giga Router has an IP address which is used to make a configuration change

After creating a storm with its cheap internet services, Reliance Jio launched its fiber-based fixed-line broadband services which will provide internet services at 1Gbps speed. Its registration has also started, you can start registering your interest for Jio Giga Fiber connection by visiting both MyJio app and Jio’s official website. Apart from Giga Router, the company will also provide a Jio set-top-box named Giga TV that can stream 600 channels with the help of Fiber connection. Now to configure Giga Fiber Router, you will need Jio Fiber Login details. So here we will discuss the Login IP Address and the default username/ password so that you can easily access the admin interface of the Router. We will also discuss how you can change the password and SSID of your Giga Router.

What is Jio Giga Fiber Router?

The Giga Fiber router can be used for running internet services on multiple devices at upto 1Gbps speed. It will provide “wall-to-wall high-speed Wi-Fi coverage”, and also power’s the Jio’s Giga TV and Smart Home solutions which includes accessories such as Video/ Audio dongle, Smart speaker/ plug, Wi-Fi extender, Security camera, TV camera and more. Currently, you can get a single-band Giga Router by paying a security deposit of Rs 2500, and for the double-band router, you have to pay Rs 4500 as security money.

Jio Giga Fiber Router Login Details

Unlike every router, Giga Router has an internal website/ IP address which is used to make configuration changes. And to access the user interface of the router through this IP a User Name and Password is required.

IP Address192.168.29.1
User Nameadmin
Default PasswordJiocentrum

Why Should You Change the Giga Router Password?

The default password for a router is well-known to hackers and are also available on the internet. So using the default password, any attacker or individual who comes within signal range of an unsecured router can access the admin page of your router. And you know once hacker access they can change the password, locking router, hijacking the network etc. So you should change the default password of Jio Fiber Router. A weak password like “987654” does not help. So always choose a strong password that is difficult for others to guess.

How to Change Password & SSID of Jio Giga Fiber Router?

  • Turn on PC/ Laptop & make sure you connected to your Giga Fiber Router.
  • Type in the browser to log in to web configuration utility.
  • Enter ‘admin‘ as username and ‘Jiocentrum‘ as a password.
  • Now you will be taken to the router admin homepage where you will see 6 options: Dashboard, Status, Network, Security, Administration & Advanced.

Jio Giga Fiber Router login

  • On the left menu, click on Network > Wireless.
  • Now go to the Profiles tab> Right-click on SSID or Wifi Name you want to change and then click on Edit.
  • Click on “OK” to ignore the warning i.e. “existing wireless clients will be disturbed if any modifications are done to profile”.
  • Now change or reset SSID (Name of the network created by the device) & password as per your choice.
  • Click on the “Save” button to update your new network details.

Alternatively, you can use MyJio app and Self-care option on Jio.com for Jio Giga Fiber Router Login. You just have to link the router using your registered mobile number or service ID. After that, you can easily manage your router like changing the SSID, password etc.

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    Forgot my Router adnmin user name and password, need help to change it..

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  8. Bhargeswar Doley

    how can we change the admin password for the login?

  9. We know this holy shit but after logging in what are the steps to perform will help

    • Login as ‘Admin’, the go to:

      1. Network » Wireless » Profiles.
      2. RIGHT CLICK on your SSID and client ‘EDIT’. You will get a warning: ‘Existing wireless clients will be disturbed if any modifications are done to profiles’ –> Click OK
      3. Update ‘WPA Password’ file and click on SAVE


      Once updated, reconnect all equipments to WiFi with the new SSID/password

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