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Jio Giga Fiber Booking Status: How to Track Order Online?

You can check booking status by visiting Jio’s official website & MyJio app

Jio Giga Fiber is a great solution if you are looking for a high-speed internet connection with no interruption at an affordable price. Jio has already revolutionized the mobile data consumption in the country. Now they are going to provide high-speed fiber-based home broadband connection along with Giga TV service to the country people. Because of huge demand, you need to make sure you do the online booking as early as possible when it starts. But then you need to check Jio Giga Fiber booking status. And that’s why in this article, we are going to describe how to track the order online in different ways.

Jio Giga Fiber Booking Online

During the Annual General Meeting of Jio in the previous year, they confirmed that the Giga Fiber broadband connection booking will start very soon. Like they did with their other services, users from different places are now able to show their interest through the official website and then by seeing the demand in a certain area, Jio team will start providing the connection and make the network ready for users at that particular geographical area.

As of now, Jio Giga Fiber is offering the preview offer to select users at certain places. But if you know any Jio executive personally, you may try to get a connection for you under the preview offer. Once the beta testing is done, Jio team will open registration for the general public at serviceable areas.

Once the registration starts, you will be able to book online and executives from your local area will visit your place and do the installation such as Giga Router configuration for you once you submit the security deposit and choose a subscription plan suitable to your needs. Perhaps, you will get service for the first few months for FREE as part of the Welcome or Preview Offer. You can also contact Giga Fiber customer care to know more details.

How to Check Jio Giga Fiber Booking Status?

To know the booking status, you will need to visit Jio’s site or on MyJio app. Jio has provided these two options for the users to check whether they will get the connection or not and to know the status of their registration. But the whole matter is still very unclear and we still lack sufficient data to let you know fully. Below we have described the two probable ways to check the order status online.

Using Jio’s Official Website

  • Go to this URL from your browser.
  • Select the “GigaFiber” tab.
  • There you will see a search box, like “Order Reference Number/ CAF number/ Service ID”.

Giga fiber order status check

  • Tap on it and enter the Reference Number that has been provided to you via SMS at the time of registration.
  • Proceed and you will see the status of your booking on the screen.

Using MyJio App

This is also very similar to the previous way. This time, instead of using the website, you just need to install the MyJio app on your phone, launch it and log in to your Jio account if you are an existing Jio user and then follow the same steps described before or do something like this:

  • Launch MyJio app.
  • Go to Menu > Jio Care > Track Order > GigaFiber.

track order status on myjio app

  • Enter your order number here and proceed.
  • That’s it; You can now see the status on the screen.

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