Rumor: iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max Will Feature a New 48MP Ultra Wide Camera

The Cupertino-based Tech Giant’s iPhone 16 series is heading soon. The series will likely have four models: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. The smartphones will possibly get iterative upgrades over the prior generation. A recent leak suggests that the iPhone 16 Pro (specifically) will get two new cameras.

Weibo (China-based) is a widespread leak-revealing platform that plays an essential role in leaking upcoming smartphone details. A tipster, Baby Sauce OvO from Weibo, claims the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series will get new 48MP Ultrawide sensors from the previous 12MP Sony IMX633 sensor.

If we follow the rumor, the company with the iPhone 16 Pro series will use the new 48MP UW Sony IMX903 sensor. The previous year, the iPhone 15 Pro came with 48MP primary (2nd generation sensor-shift OIS), 12MP Ultrawide (120° FOV), and 12MP Telephoto (2x and 3x), providing digital zoom up to 15x.

Last year, the iPhone 15 Pro Max came with the same 48MP primary camera, 12MP Ultrawide, and a 12MP Telephoto (2x and 5x), providing digital zoom up to 25x using a TetraPrism design. The function of the design is to bend light multiple times to bring the objects far away in space or time closer to your phone. The 3x is converted into a 5x “periscopic telephoto” module, and the same is expected in the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro Max camera new
iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera/ Credit: Apple

However, if we talk about the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature the same camera that was available in the previous generation. The same 12MP Telephoto sensor allows 5x optical zoom using the TetraPrism design, with no increments. The improvements are in the Ultra Wide angle camera, which is rumored to be a 48MP Sony IMX903 sensor.

The company also plans to bring a new dedicated button to capture photos, enhancing photography convenience.

iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max camera improvements are as follows: 

  • A new 48MP Sony IMX903 Ultra Wide angle camera by ditching the 12MP Sony IMX663 sensor (used since iPhone 11).
  • A 12MP Telephoto with 5x optical zoom range (found with the previous iPhone 15 Pro Max).
  • The primary camera will likely use the same Sony IMX803 sensor (used since the iPhone 14 Pro).

It is clear that the company will significantly focus on the new Ultrawide angle sensor and the Telephoto sensor. In addition, there can be some improvements with their primary sensor, which will reflect when the phones come out.

Let’s see how the company maintains the hype for its forthcoming iterative launch. In addition, the areas like battery, cooling system, thermal management, and construction materials will likely be upgraded.

What are your thoughts on the improvements to the iPhone 16 Pro series camera? What changes are you expecting? Let us know in the comments section below. For more such stories, make sure to follow us.

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