iPhone 14 SIM Not Supported Message

iPhone 14 Users Getting “SIM Not Supported” Message: What Apple has to Say?

Apple’s new iPhone 14 is off to a rocky start, with users reporting a raft of problems with the device. The latest issue that came to light is a “Sim Not Supported” error message followed by the device freezing. This is the latest in many issues reported with the iPhone 14. Other problems include battery drain, devices randomly shutting down, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems.

According to a memo spotted by MacRumors, users have been reporting several problems, and the latest is the “SIM not supported” error message. A device freeze follows this message, significantly hindering the phone’s functionality. The memo also reveals that Apple has acknowledged this issue and is “investigating” the problem.

Apple says the issue is not associated with the eSIM hardware but rather with the software. This problem is not isolated to a particular carrier and seems to affect all users regardless of their service provider. They further added that users should keep their iPhone 14 updated to keep their devices stable. Apple will soon develop a software update to fix the issue permanently.

In the meantime, Apple advises the users who are experiencing the issue to wait for a few minutes until the “SIM not supported” message disappears automatically. Apple also warns users to keep their devices updated by installing any available updates. The iOS 16.0.3 stable build and the iOS 16.1 RC version are available now. Lastly, Apple also tells users not to reset their iPhone 14 until the problem has been resolved. Apple has warned against restoring or resetting the device, perhaps because it could worsen the situation.

This is not the first issue we have seen with the iPhone 14. We have witnessed even more severe problems like the camera shaking issue within third-party apps on the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, Apple fixed the issue very shortly. Hopefully, we will witness the same with the “SIM not supported” issue as well.

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