iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Feature: All You Need to Know

Rumors about the iPhone 14 have surfaced on the web well before the launch of the iPhone 13. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 14 will be almost identical to the iPhone 13. However, some significant changes are coming to the iPhone 14 Pro lineup. One of those significant changes is “satellite connectivity.” This feature will come to the regular iPhone 14 models as well. Let us look at everything we know about the new “satellite connectivity” feature.

Apple has been introducing unique new features for the iPhone with every iteration. For instance, we saw MagSafe with the iPhone 12 and Center Stage with the iPhone 13. The new “satellite connectivity” feature will be the unique feature of the upcoming iPhone 14.

What is Satellite Connectivity on iPhone 14?

Satellite Connectivity on the iPhone will allow you to send short texts in emergency conditions when a cellular network is not available. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reported two types of satellite features— one for texting using the Messages app and the other for reporting major emergencies like a plane crash or a huge accident.

A report from Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple has “completed the hardware development” of the satellite feature. He adds that the satellite connectivity feature will come to more and more smartphones over time.

Famous Apple leaker Mark Gurman also said that Apple is working on this new feature, and it should be ready for the upcoming iPhone 14. He added that this feature could also appear on the Apple Watch. He states that the iPhone will need a special modem to connect to a satellite. A new modem means the feature might not work on iPhone 13 and older, making it exclusive to the iPhone 14 lineup. On the contrary, other reports claim that the iPhone 13 has already been tested to have this feature, but the feature is being finalized for the iPhone 14.

Another report from Ming-Chi Kuo states that Apple is most likely parenting with Globstar to help implement the satellite connectivity feature on the iPhone 14. Meanwhile, Globalstar revealed that it had acquired 70 new satellites to “provide continuous satellite services to the potential customer,” which could be Apple. This indicates that we will see the feature very well in the iPhone 14.

All of this and the iPhone 14 is set to be announced during the “Far Out” Apple Event that will be held on September 7. The invite showcases the space artwork with many bright spots that could resemble satellites. The event tagline “Far Out” and the artwork could hint at the new satellite connectivity feature. What do you think of this new feature? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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