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Some iOS Users Complain about TFT: Teamfight Tactics Crashing Issue

The issue on iOS has now been officially acknowledged.

The popular automatic battle game, TFT: Teamfight Tactics, is an independent game on iOS and Android, though it’s a separate game mode on macOS and Windows. Each stage has three rounds, and players have to progress in stages. It pitches eight players against one another.

The gameplay revolves around some automatic battles on a hexagonal battlefield where players must place their troops in a strategic order to win the game. The game has garnered over 80 Million players and has appeared in the top charts several times, making it a viral mobile gaming app.

Unfortunately, several iOS users have reported the game has been crashing a lot and that it’s also randomly and frequently freezing up. Many users are frustrated that the game is still buggy even after it was updated to the latest version that was supposed to bring bug fixes. Players have taken to Twitter and are demanding an estimated time for when the fix would roll out.

People who play this game daily are angry and frustrated that they cannot enter matches. To some players, the app would close out every time they searched for a match. Many people assumed this was a problem with their device, but that was not the case since the issue is widespread and results from a server crash.

The game would refuse to reconnect, and players were directly sent to the lobbies, or the app would crash. Other players have reported glitches like the game crashing after every round. It has been over 24 hours since several disappointed iOS users reported these issues on Twitter and Reddit.

Basic troubleshooting methods like uninstalling and reinstalling the game, logging out and logging in, restarting the device and internet, etc., have failed to work.

Update November 19: Riot Hjarta, QA Supervisor on TFT, tweeted regarding the crashing issue:

Data looks good enough to re-enable TFT Ranked on mobile, but we are still seeing an elevated level of crashes, although significantly less than before.

We are releasing the redeploy now on Mobile. You should see a new version available within minutes. Please get the new version, or you will continue crashing.

Thankfully, Riot Games has replied to a tweet stating that the issue has escalated and is currently being looked into. They also apologised for the inconvenience.

Initially, Riot Harja, the question and answer supervisor for TFT on Twitter, stated that Ranked TFT queues have been disabled since a severe server crash. They are actively working on a solution they’re planning to deploy by today at the earliest.

In a later tweet, he addressed that excellent progress on the issue was being made, but a fix is taking longer than expected, so fans of Teamlight Tactics will have to wait until early tomorrow to play the game. He also mentions that the exact culprit for the issue has not been found and that the problem is very complex.

Players of Teamfight Tactics later expressed their thanks because the Riot acknowledged the issue, but they were still critical since a fix was taking long. This entire scenario puzzled users about how such a terrible update passed Quality Assurance.

He also said that if ranked queues still appear on your phone, Riot has asked you to avoid using that game mode since it has been temporarily disabled due to a server crash.

We hope the developers at Teamfight tactics can find the root cause of this issue as soon as possible and test updates better to make the gameplay experience better in the future for iOS users.

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