iOS 19, macOS 16, watchOS 12, visionOS 3 in Works: Amidst the Apple Intelligence Demand

The Cupertino-based Tech Giant recently released their iPhone-Operating System called iOS 18. The release took place at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last month.

The iOS 18 comes with several improvements and features and dedicatedly emphasizes Apple Intelligence. To those unaware, Apple Intelligence is the company’s AI model, which they will use significantly with the upcoming products.

While only a month has passed since the iOS 18 launch, there are leaks about 2025’s iOS 19. The iOS 19 will reportedly come with the iPhone 17 series.

As per Mark Gurman (very renowned personality) from Bloomberg, Apple has already started developing iOS 19 for iPhones, macOS 16 for Macs, watchOS 12 for Apple Watches, and visionOS 3 for its Apple Vision Pro.

These are major operating systems to which Apple regularly and consistently develops upgrades. This is important for the company’s progress and the consumer’s satisfaction with their respective product.

Not to mention, Apple is known for preparing the updates before the launch year itself. This helps them analyze the user’s requirements in depth and provide features with top security and reliability. Further, this helps in maintaining a mutual relationship between a brand and a user.

It is important to note that the current software versions like iOS 18, macOS 15 Sequoia, watchOS 11, and visionOS 2 are remaining for release. The company has not started pushing updates to the respective devices.

The Developer and Public Beta are currently being processed for selected users. However, a large number of audiences are yet to receive the major operating systems. Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry because Apple will provide ongoing updates timely.

In his article, Mark Gurman also provided the codenames for the upcoming major operating systems. According to him, “Luck” is for iOS 19, “Cheer” is for macOS 16, “Nepali” is for watchOS 12, and “Discovery” is for visionOS 3. Since it’s time (a year) for the WWDC 2025, we don’t know about the features of the next year’s software versions.

Since the introduction of Apple Intelligence, there has been strong excitement among users about trying this. However, it is limited to some devices only. Bloomberg’s Gurman reported that the Apple Intelligence will likely come to the Apple Vision Pro.

Because of this, the headset will feature several AI-based features like writing tools, notification summaries, translation to different languages, Siri upgrades, and more.

Unfortunately, HomePod will not support Apple Intelligence. Mark Gurman reports that the HomePod and HomePod mini cannot support AI because of 1GB of memory. Hence, Apple Vision Pro, with enough memory support, can seamlessly integrate the AI features and provide sufficient output.

Since HomePods cannot support Artificial Intelligence, Apple is emphasizing a completely new robotic machine with a display. According to Apple, the current HomePod is considered “too low-volume a product to waste the engineering time” on using AI. Let’s see what Apple is planning and how the world will see the new robotic device.

Gurman continues in the same newsletter that Apple Intelligence will be the company’s primary focus in making it available to most of the devices. Because Apple intends to democratize AI heavily for the majority of the tasks. We don’t know about the previous models, but the company plans to provide it to most of their upcoming devices.

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