iOS 18 Public Beta: What’s the Expected Release Window?

The American Tech Giant will soon unveil their iPhone 16 series. There are many rumors about the iOS 18,  which will come pre-installed out-of-the-box with the newer models.

The upcoming iPhone’s Operating System will likely have significant upgrades compared to the previous 2 to 3 generations.

The company usually announces its new Operating System during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This time, it is happening on June 10.

However, users are intrigued about testing the latest OS and its advantages over the previous models. Before we head into the release window, let’s see some new iOS 18 features.

iOS 18 Expected Features

As the article focuses on the iOS 18 launch timeline, we would not like to elaborate on the features and summarize it with an overview.

The main highlight of the WWDC 2024 is their iOS 18 for iPhones. Considering the competition (Google AI and Galaxy AI) and the rising AI demands, Apple will finally integrate customized AI into their iPhones. From messages to their virtual assistant, the company will probably incorporate AI features to make them competent and more comfortable.

There are various aspects in which Apple intends to have AI. Some of them are Safari web search, frequently suggested replies for messages, photo remaking, auto-generated playlists in Apple Music, and emojis in the messages, etc. In addition, the iOS 18 update will bring more critical features to their iMessage application, Apple Maps, RCS support, and significant Siri upgrades.


iOS 18 Public Beta: When to Expect It?

The public beta release window for iOS 18 is expected to be between the end of June and mid-July 2024. This follows the typical release schedule Apple has for its iOS betas.

iOS 18 Release Type Expected Date Notes
Developer Beta June 10th, 2024 Following WWDC keynote
Public Beta Late June – Mid-July, 2024 Typical release schedule for public betas
Public Release Mid to Late September 2024 General availability

iOS 18 is heading up soon. As discussed, the iPhone 16 series will come out of the box with the new OS installed. iOS 18 will be available in two builds before its official release: Developer and Public Build.

The beta access is readily available to users excited to test out the new OS. Since iOS 18 will mainly launch in September, the company will provide early access to the Developer and Public subscribed users. Notably, you have to be a registered developer and public user on their official website to get an allowance to use the latest iOS version.

There’s a variation between the Developers and Public beta users, as the former contains significant bugs. Generally, the former is more stable than the latter. The respective Beta testers test the overall UI and report, which will help the company improve the user experience.

Before officially heading into the stable release stage, the company usually releases beta software to public beta users to improve the software experience further.

  • The first Developer Beta will likely be released on the iOS 18 launch day, i.e., June 10. It will be slowly out for the further beta phases.
  • Furthermore, Public Beta will likely be released between the end of June and the second week.
  • The final Public Release will be out in the second week of September.

Note: The above dates are anticipated from the previous iOS versions, i.e., iOS 17, 16, etc. For instance, for iOS 17, the DB was released on June 5, the PB on July 12, and the Public Release on September 18.


If you are waiting for iOS 18, it’s approximately three months from now. Check if your iPhone supports the new version and install the DB or PB based on your risk. Since these builds contain significant issues and bugs that will disturb your smartphone usage, taking precautionary measures before installing them is essential.

For an alternative, trying such updates on a secondary iPhone is a worthy suggestion.

What are your thoughts on iOS 18? Will you enroll in the Developer or Public Beta for early access? Let us know in the comments section below.

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