iOS 16.7 Update: Everything We Know So Far

The American-based Tech Giant is soon going to release iOS 16.7. The previous version, iOS 16.6, was considered the last iOS 16.x update in the lineup, which brought iMessage Contact Key Verification as the only significant feature.

However, the company will soon release iOS 16.7 before the iPhone 15 series launch, which will be out-of-the-box with the iOS 17 software version.

The evolution of iOS software versions has been consistent over the years. Previously, the company planned to release iOS 16.6.1, but recent predictions suggest they will introduce iOS 16.7, simultaneously testing the iOS 17.1 forthcoming with the iPhone 15 series launch.

The iOS 16.6.1 version was supposed to launch alongside the watchOS 9.6.1 for supporting Apple Watches on August 15, but only the watch software update was out that day. The users were waiting for the update as it was meant to solve some bugs and problems.

As mentioned, the new rumor from an authentic source suggests that the Tech Giant will skip the anticipated iOS 16.6.1 and will most probably launch the iOS 16.7 version as its upcoming software update.

We don’t know why the company is not launching iOS 16.6.1. The possible reason is that they might address more bugs and issues. Considering this, iOS 16.7 can be finalized as the last update before iOS 17 arrives.

Nevertheless, we don’t know when the company will release it, but the update is expected soon. Please stick to the article, as we will intensely discuss the release date, features, and changes with the upcoming iOS 16.7 update.

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When can we expect iOS 16.7 to be Released?

Update (September 21): Apple released iOS 16.7 with build 20H19 on September 21, 2023, as an update for users still on iOS 16 and have not yet upgraded to the latest iOS 17 software. This update includes critical security patches and fixes, so it is highly recommended that all iOS 16 users install iOS 16.7 to remain protected.

Update (September 13): The Release Candidate (RC) version of iOS 16.7 is now available with build number 20H18. If no bugs are detected, it could be released to the public by the end of September 2023.

Skimming through Apple’s history, the company released the iOS 15.7 initial and final Beta update alongside the last iOS 16 Beta the previous year. The company released the stable version simultaneously on September 12, 2022, along with the bug fixes and improving securities.

It’s noteworthy that Apple has allowed users to stay with the previous software version when the new one arrives. This is not the first time Apple has given the option. During the iOS 14 era, the company provided users with options to choose iOS 14 or the upcoming version. Additionally, they keep providing security updates for the users staying on the previous version.

The launch of iOS 16.7 will probably happen at the month’s end or the start of the following month, i.e., September.

What Can iOS 16.7 Bring?

The iOS 16.7 update makes more sense than the anticipated iOS 16.6.1. The update will probably bring bug fixes, security enhancements, and likely some features, as well as improve the user interface.

The iOS 16.6.1 was meant to solve the problems associated with the 16.6 version. The issue was with the Screen Time operation and parental Controls, which opposed the parents restricting the kids’ activities, and they could use the application until the time they wanted.

Fortunately, the company responded by saying they knew the issue. Apple spokesperson said, “We are aware that some users may be experiencing an issue where Screen Time settings are unexpectedly reset.” As the iOS 16.6.1 update is not coming, the respective problems will hopefully be resolved with the iOS 16.7 software update.

So, iOS 16.7 will probably solve all the user’s problems reported. Let’s hope the company releases the update as soon as possible because it’s long since the last update was received.

What do you expect from iOS 16.7? What are your expectations from the upcoming iOS 17? Let us know by dropping the replies in the comments section below. We will update the post as soon as we get the date when iOS 16.7 is released. You can revisit frequently if you are interested in the update. Thank you for reading till the end.

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