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iOS 15.3 Public Beta Release Date, Download, Issues, Bugs, Problems

Apple Releases iOS 15.3 Beta 1 for Developers

Apple has finally started the developer beta for iOS 15.3. To date, iOS 15’s update track record hasn’t been stellar. Many people have encountered sporadic issues and bugs that can be troubling. Users are eagerly awaiting a better user experience and few or no bugs in the upcoming updates.

The next stable update will be iOS 15.3, and the developer beta for that version has already begun. In this post, we discussed the new features as well as the changelog for the iOS 15.3 beta update. To learn more about it, keep reading until the end of the post.

iOS 15.3 Update

With the release of the iOS 15.2 update, Apple introduced a new privacy feature called App Privacy Report, which allows users to see how much of their personal data, such as location, camera, photos, microphones, and more, has been accessed by the various apps installed on their iPhones. It has been a very useful feature for many users, and it clearly improves the user’s privacy and security.

When it comes to iOS 15.3, both iOS and iPadOS have a developer beta that Apple has started. Those who have registered as developers can look for the update in the Settings app. The most recent update has the build number 19D5026g, and it’s also worth noting that the promised major features have yet to be included in this beta update. It has been stated that the features may be added in future or stable updates. Also, the company hasn’t released any new release notes for this software update yet, so we can’t really comment on the new features or the changelog.

iOS 15.3 Problems: A bug that is Shortcuts might not work sometimes has been spotted by a few users of the iOS 15.3. We will update the post as soon as we get any more information regarding the features and the number of issues spotted on the iOS 15.3 update.

iOS 15.3 Download: iOS 15.3 is currently available on the Apple Developer Platform for registered users. To download Developer Beta build you have to visit the path: Settings > General > Software Update. Public Beta has not rolled out yet.

iOS 15.3 Release Date: Apple will likely release iOS 15.3 update to the public in January 2022.

Thanks for reading, try to drop a comment about what you think of this new iOS 15.3 and what feature do you expect from it?

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