Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs to Launch in September, Followed by Arrow Lake in October

Intel launched its first generation Core Ultra processors late last year. Under the codename ‘Meteor Lake,’ these processors aimed to refine Intel’s approach in this market.

They offer good performance with significantly improved graphics while efficiently reducing power consumption. Rumors suggest that Intel is planning to launch the second generation of this series soon.

Intel Core Ultra 200 Series Could Launch in September

Benchlife, a Chinese media outlet, has released the probable dates around which we could expect the launch of Intel’s Core Ultra 200 series. These processors will be released under the codename Lunar Lake and feature new architectures for both the CPU and the GPU components.

As per this source, the Intel Core Ultra 200V Lunar Lake could possibly launch in the latter half of September this year. To be specific, the media outlet stated the expected date to be anywhere between September 17 and September 24. Not just that, the Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU is also set to launch about a month later.

Benchlife has stated that Intel will launch its Lunar Lake CPUs just before their Intel Innovation event this year. Intel organizes this event every year to announce its latest products.

We can expect the same this year as well. This is also the time when Intel will launch their Z890 motherboards with LGA 1851 CPU sockets.

The dates of the Intel Innovation 2024 event are already out. Intel says it will occur on September 24 and September 25 in San Jose, California. The Lunar Lake processors were originally supposed to come out in June.

Do note that these bits of information are based on rumors. Intel has not confirmed anything other than the Intel Innovation 2024 dates. However, considering we are just a couple of months away from this event, we do not have to wait long to see how well Intel performs against the competition.

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