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Instagram Feed Problems: Couldn’t Refresh, Blank, and Loading Issues

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking sites, garnering over two billion monthly active users. It is the go-to platform for creators and regular users alike. It provides an unlimited flow of content for feed posts, reels, stories, etc.

However, Instagram has turned out to be full of issues recently, partially because it has been introducing many new features lately. The latest problems include a buggy feed and the Music to Notes feature not working.

Troubles with the Instagram home feed

Over the past few days, several Reddit users have reported encountering a broken home feed whenever they open the app. The issues are primarily users seeing the “An unexpected error occurred” or “Couldn’t refresh Feed” error messages or even a blank feed.

Users also claim they cannot access their chats, notes, and posts in a few instances. Moreover, some people also state that they are still getting notifications from the app whenever there is some activity. This has led users to believe that their accounts have been banned, suspended, restricted, or even hacked, even though they received no notification from Instagram.

However, that does not seem to be the case since several people noticed that they could view their accounts from other Instagram accounts fine.

Instagram home feed

How to fix this problem?

Stuff like clearing the cache, deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting the phone, and resetting network settings have not worked for anyone. But, while Instagram still has not acknowledged the issue, people seem to have found a fix. And as far as we could observe, it seems to work well in most cases.

As per a post on Reddit, the first step to fix this issue is to log in to your account on a web browser. Before that, logging out of the app is advisable if you can. You should see a message regarding the community guidelines when you log in on the browser. Accept the terms when prompted. Now, when you open your account in the app again, it should be working fine. The user who made the post on Reddit seems confident and claims it has worked for them every time.

As mentioned, Instagram has not yet given any official statements regarding this. We hope they do that soon because the issue is quite annoying. Until then, you will have to settle with the workaround mentioned above.

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