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Instagram Down or Not Working: Outage Tracker

Multiple social media platforms in the market contribute news, memes, and short clip videos depending on the user’s activity. They help the users engage in some entertainment practices to enjoy. Instagram is one of the prominent social media platforms used worldwide.

It allows users to create and share photos and videos. One can also add stories and reels to their account. It provides a one-stop, convenient solution to talk with the close ones you care about the most. It also offers multimedia-focused content.

The platform further provided the users with private messaging options, increasing the competition and snatching the different users from the competition. As it is utilized by several users worldwide and is quite popular, too, there’s no need to explain its capabilities. However, the more prominent the platform is, the more faulty cases appear now and then.

Instagram Down or Not Working Problem

History reports that Instagram’s outages occur pretty frequently. The same is happening this year, too. Several users have reported the platform’s periodic abnormal behavior. The server is facing some persistent outages. Recently, a user said he could be able to log in to his account but could not perform a refresh, and the page showed an “error occurred” message. The browser works fine for him.

The affected users have tried the basic troubleshooting methods. They deleted the application, installed it again, and tried clearing the app’s data. Some have even tried restarting their devices. But all of them don’t seem to be helpful.

The problem has been consistent for a while now, and unfortunately, the team has provided no official solution. So, here we have brought the “Instagram not working” tracker, which will be updated on the latest information available.

So, if you are concerned about Instagram’s malfunctioning, we are here to provide timely updates. So be connected with us, and let’s get started.


Know Instagram Down Status

Below, we have provided the user’s reported service outage problem. With this, you will get a rough estimate of how badly the platform is affected.

August 16: Reports are coming in that Instagram is experiencing an outage. Multiple X (Twitter) users are complaining that the app is not working for them at the moment. Outage tracking website DownDetector has also registered a spike in reports of problems accessing Instagram, indicating the issues are widespread.

July 31: It appears that Instagram is down for some users. Downdetector also indicates that some users are unable to access the app or website.

July 20: Instagram is currently experiencing an outage for several users worldwide. Some users cannot access the app at all, while others can access it but are experiencing problems such as “Couldn’t refresh feed” and “No internet connection.” Meta has not yet acknowledged the outage; an official response is still awaited.

July 19: There is a problem (Couldn’t load post) with Instagram that is affecting some users.

July 14: A section of users again reported service outage errors.

July 13: The team probably fixed the issue, and it is working fine now.

July 12: Instagram is not working correctly and has affected many users worldwide.

July 11: A user reported he could not use the app for a week.

July 10: Instagram is stuck and working for some users.

July 7: Users around the globe are facing a service outage.

July 6: Instagram again started facing errors, and the users could not use the application.

July 5: The everlasting outage was fixed and resolved.

July 4: The platform has been facing service outages for 24 hours.

July 3: Users report the Instagram down status.

That’s it. Further, we will keep updating the post based on the user’s feedback. If they constantly report service outages, we will keep the post edited.

Unfortunately, the team is unresponsive about the issue. We hope the company officially provides a permanent workaround to the problem immediately. If you have any temporary solution letting you use Instagram hassle-free, please share it below. We will be highly thankful for the same.

Do you use Instagram? How frequently do you use it? Have you ever faced such a service outage problem during your usage? Let us know by dropping the replies in the comment section below. As said previously, stay connected for the latest update here.

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