Beeper Mini Use iMessage on Android

How to Use iMessage on Android with Beeper Mini

One of the hottest debates in the smartphone space is the rivalry between Android and iOS. While there are many things to discuss regarding this debate, a common one is iMessage. Most of the arguments revolving around iMessage boil down to two points. One is that Apple insists on using SMS, a much more ancient technology than RCS, for communications between an Apple device and an Android one. This leads to both parties getting a subpar experience. This inferior experience includes low-quality media sharing, less secure conversations, and many other things.

While not so important, the other point is that messages sent from an iPhone to an Android phone show up as green bubbles. On the other hand, iPhone-to-iPhone conversations consist of blue bubbles.

Beeper Mini — iMessage for Android

While we wait for Apple to cooperate and at least adopt RCS, some have come up with workarounds. The founder of the Pebble watch, Eric Migicovsky, also started the company Beeper in 2021. This company develops communication platforms. They recently released an app called Beeper Mini, which allows Android users to communicate with iOS users via iMessage.

Apple also blocked Beeper Mini a few days ago, claiming that it posed a threat to the privacy and security of its users. But the developers have updated their app, which is up and working again.

Beeper Mini

How to Use Beeper Mini?

Before you start, you should create an Apple ID if you do not have one already. This was not a requirement earlier when Apple had not taken any actions against Beeper Mini, but it is now.

Beeper Mini is officially available on the Google Play Store so you can download it from there. Once the app is installed on your phone, open it. You will see an option to “Continue with Google.” Tap on it, then tap “Continue” on the next page. The “Continue as <Your Name>” button will ask you to confirm your actions. This is the same Google account you use with the Play Store. Tap on “Next” on the following page after reading about how your data and messages are safe.

After that, you will have to enter your Apple ID credentials. Then, enter the six-digit code you received. After that, you must give it the permissions it needs, and you will be ready. Your phone number is not required after the adverse situations with Apple.

Apple ID credentials

Earlier, Beeper Mini was based on a paid subscription model with a free one-week trial. The free trial could be extended to a month if you had a referral code. However, the developers have decided to make it free, at least temporarily.

Why Beeper Mini?

Beeper Mini offers a lot of features that were previously exclusive to iOS users only. It also eliminates all the issues people had while communicating cross-platform. Most importantly, the messages are end-to-end encrypted, which means a higher level of security for both parties.

Why Beeper Mini

Beeper Mini stands out even more among its competitors because it does not run on a Mac server. It connects directly to Apple servers. This ensures a fast and seamless communication experience.

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