IMEI Number Blocked: How to Unlock a Blocked IMEI?

IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Number, is a unique 15-digit code that works as a search tool to find a lost or stolen device. Usually, there is only one IMEI number for each phone, but Dual SIM card phones boast two. You can quickly know your phone’s IMEI number(s) by dialing *#06#.

An IMEI is an excellent tool for finding a lost or stolen device. Even if you can’t find your device, you can block or blacklist the IMEI number to prevent it from being used for illegal activities. This keeps you safe and protected. Blocking the IMEI number will prevent the person with the device from using the network. This will make sure that it is not used for any illegal activity.

Blocking an IMEI number prevents one from using the network or a SIM card. This means that phone calls and SMS are not possible. One can, however, access the internet using Wi-Fi. This means that they can get internet access via which they can make online calls, text messages, etc.

How to Unlock a Blocked IMEI Number?

Purchasing a second-hand phone and finding it is not unlocked is a nightmare! The phone is locked because it was probably stolen or lost. Make sure to check the IMEI of the phone before making any purchase. A phone with blocked IMEI cannot use a SIM card and hence has no connectivity for making calls or sending texts.

This issue can be resolved using third-party services from the App Store that can unlock the IMEI number of your phone. Here are some ways by which you can unlock a blacklisted or blocked IMEI:

1. Contacting your Service Provider

You can contact your carrier or service provider and tell them you want to unlock your phone. They should do this for FREE. Please provide them with the IMEI number (Dail *#06# to get your IMEI number), name, and contact information. The carrier should unlock your phone using an unlock code after confirming everything.

  • AT&T: Call 1-800-331-0500 or fill out an unlock request online here.
  • Sprint: Call 1-888-211-4727 or click here and click on the “Chat” tab and ask for an unlock request.
  • Verizon: Call 1-800-711-8300 and ask for a SIM unlock. There is no online service available for Verizon as of now.
  • T-Mobile: Call 1-877-746-0909 or click here, select the live chat option, and present your request there.

2. Using a Third-party Service

Third-party party services are a convenient and reliable way to unlock your phone’s IMEI. You will need IMEI or ESN (Equipment Serial Number) to unlock your phone’s IMEI. However, you will have to pay for the service. They will unlock your phone once you pay the premium. You can find these premium apps on the App Store. Third-party services are paid, but they are more reliable and universal. They work on almost all devices.

3. Changing your Carrier

Changing your carrier may or may not help. But you can try it. Since carriers are the ones who block IMEI numbers, there are chances that all carriers didn’t block your IMEI.

You may want to try any of the methods mentioned above. If you happen to face any issues, try troubleshooting. Let us know your problems in the comment section.

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