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Humble Bundle: Pay 12 USD a Month to Get Awesome Games Monthly which you can keep forever!

Quality PC games every month at Just 12$ a month

Are you a PC gamer? Do you love gaming? If the answer of both of these questions is yes you need to know about Humble Bundle. It is a game bundle selling site which sells quality games at a very low price.

If you search for a steam key for a  particular game on the Internet you will find many shady sites which will sale you the key for a very very low price but you can’t be sure if that key will work or not. But Humble Bundle sales legitimate steam keys which worker globally.

Now do you thinking what most consumers will think how Humble Bundle gets those steam key at that price to sale; the answer of the question is they are one of the official stem resellers.

Humble Bundle sells many game bundles but I’m here to talk about their monthly bundle subscription. So wondering how these bundles system works.

How Humble Monthly Bundle works?

First, you have to subscribe to their monthly bundle by paying 12 USD by using your credit card or your PayPal account.

Now depending on the day of the month, you will get 1 game or 3 games instantly. And the rest of the bundle will unlock on the first Friday of the month. For example, if you subscribe on May 1 and May 1 is Monday then you will get all the games on 5 May for that month.

And the best part of their system is if you cancel your subscription at any point of time the games you already own will be yours to keep forever. And you can cancel your subscription at any time but if you cancel your subscription before the last Friday of the month you will not get charged for the next month.

Quality of Game Bundles:

To be honest, if you compare the humble monthly bundle with any other bundle available they provide the best value and quality game. Fr example for May 2019 first game they announced is Assassin’s Creed Origins which cost 59.99$ in steam so you are getting the absolute value because the cost of the bundle is 12$. And you are not only getting Assassin’s Creed Origins for 12$ you will also get another 5+ game which will add to the value of the bundle. So you can decide whether a humble monthly bundle is worth it or not! If you decided to give a try to humble bundle you can sign up using this link.

If you have further queries regarding Humble Bundle drop a comment below.

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