Huawei’s Next Generation Charging Technology May be the Fastest on the Planet

Super VOOC is the fastest charging tech currently available in the market. Owned by Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO, it recently used it on the Find X (Lamborghini Edition) flagship smartphone. It boasts of charging the 3400 mAh battery in just 35 minutes fully. Now, we might be seeing similar charging tech from Huawei.

DealNTech has spotted a Huawei Power adapter developed by Astec Electronics (Luoding Co. Ltd) on the 3C certification site. It comes with model number HW-100400C00 and has a 10V/4A recharge configuration. The maximum charging power is supposed to go as high as 40W, breaking the ceiling of the 22W fast charge in the Huawei P20 series.

huawei 3c

Huawei launched the Honor Magic in 2016 with 5V/8A fast charging tech, which claimed to fully charge in just 45 minutes. But this new Huawei Super Charge technology may reduce it to just 30 minutes. It’s not indicated with which smartphone the tech will debut, but it may be included with the Huawei Mate 20, rumored to launch sometime in October this year.

The new Huawei Super Charge will compete against Dash Charge and VOOC in terms of speed and efficiency, but what can set it apart if the company can make it affordable and not super expensive, available only for some? The speeds can be measured once released, but we bet it’s one of the fastest charging techs available this year, if not the best.

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