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Huawei Patents a Smartphone with Foldable Display

The patent however fails to mentions how the mechanism works

World’s third largest smartphone manufacturer Huawei invested a lot to be at the forefront of camera innovation. Their innovation doesn’t end here; the company is in talks to make the first smartphone with blockchain technology. And now the Chinese smartphone manufacturer joins the list of smartphone companies who have filed patents for a foldable display.

The patent was filed last year on September 19 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) but was published yesterday. The patent bears striking similarity with the Microsoft Surface but looks like a smaller gap, the display is a single panel and not like other patents where two panels are joined by a foldable notch.

Huawei Patents A Foldable Smartphone
Huawei Patents A Foldable Smartphone | Photo Credit: LetsGoDigital

The patent doesn’t mention any sizes, but we expect it will be the size of a tablet when fully folded. It also fails to mention how the mechanism works and leaves us with questions. The display will have to contain a smaller display panel or LED to check notifications.

Last year, CEO of Huawei’s consumer group Richard Yu announced they were working on a foldable display and event went to claim they have a working sample. However, he added the product was not perfect and needs more mechanical design and flexibility on the screen before the device is ready for the markets.

The foldable is speculated to be the next big thing in handheld devices, and every manufacturer wants to be the first one to launch it. Samsung has been working on foldable displays since 2011, but the fabled galaxy X is yet to be unveiled. Following that LG, Microsoft, OPPO and even Apple filed a patent for a foldable display. The ZTE foldable smartphone Axon M was already launched, but it leaves a lot to be desired, and we are yet to see a perfectly foldable smartphone. Huawei was the second manufacturer to launch a smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor after Vivo, but we hope the company will be the first one to launch a foldable smartphone in the market.

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