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Huawei May be the Next to Launch a Smartphone with In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

The technology is being developed by Qualcomm and will be three times more expensive

Under display fingerprint sensor smartphones have become a reality after Vivo introduced the Vivo X20 Plus UD and the recent X21 UD. Now according to the reports the next smartphone manufacturer to implement this tech will be Huawei beating the likes of Apple and Samsung.

It is speculated that Huawei will be using the tech from Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint solution which might be incorporated into the new Mate 11( or Mate 20) flagship, making it the first Huawei smartphone with this feature. The smartphone is scheduled to launch in late Q3 2018 or early Q4 2018.

Qualcomm made this ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in partnership with Taiwan based GIS and China’s O-film Tech, both specialising in providing touchscreen solutions. The display is only 0.44 mm thick and works through “up to 800-micron cover glass” compared with the regular ones having 200-300 microns of glass thickness. This fingerprint sensor is three times more expensive but is also capable of working even when your fingers are wet or muddy.

Interestingly, Vivo had previously shown a concept last year featuring an under display fingerprint sensor made by Qualcomm. But due to performance issues, Vivo switched plans and went one with the Synaptics made a sensor which was incorporated into both the phones. It will be interesting to see what Qualcomm offers and how compares with the Synaptic one. If it proves better, they might get orders from other companies who are planning a phone with this technology as well. Most notably are Apple and Samsung, who are yet to announce a smartphone with this technology. Also due to the lack of supplies of 3D sensors which resulted in low sales of the iPhone X, the company may make a move to this technology.

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