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Honor 9X Pro Pros and Cons

Honor 9X Pro Pros and Cons: Is it Worth Buying?

Honor 9X Pro comes with Kirin 810 Processor which is built-in 7nm architecture

Huawei has been in the news recently about a new OS, but Huawei’s sub-brand Honor just launched two new smartphones in the mid-range category running on top of Android Pie. What does this mean? Is Huawei back on good terms with Google? Well, no one knows for sure, but it is good to see Huawei entering into a fight with the Realme X and Redmi K20, in terms of best in the mid-range category. Honor launched Honor 9X and 9X Pro in their recent launch event in China (you can check renders here). Here, we will talk about Honor 9X Pro pros, cons and review. So, let’s take a look at what the 9X pro has on offer to help you decide if this is the right one for you.

Honor 9X Pro PROS

Notch-less Display

With more and more brands switching towards motorized cameras and full-screen displays, even in the mid-range offerings, Honor has presented their answer to the industry here. With the 9X Pro, you get a full 6.59-inch immersive notch-less display, which will give you full view experience while watching multimedia content, gaming or just browsing the internet or apps.

Honor 9X Pro Display

Side Mounted Fingerprint Sensor

Yes, under-screen fingerprint sensors are the hype in the market right now, but compared to traditional fingerprint sensors, they are just too slow to unlock. So, Huawei here went a different way by installing the fingerprint sensor on the side with the power button. This makes it easier to reach and way faster than an under-display fingerprint sensor.

Side Mounted Fingerprint Sensor
Picture Courtesy: BenyTech

Power-efficient chip

The 9X Pro comes with the Kirin 810, which is not the best Kirin has on offer, but it is built-in 7nm architecture, which makes it power efficient. Even if the 810 is no match against the 980, but in day to day tasks no difference can be detected. While gaming the Kirin 980 will perform better but even the Kirin 810 is a no slack while gaming.

Kirin 810 Processor on 9X Pro

Triple Rear Cameras

Triple rear cameras are almost a must now and it is good to see Honor following on in that direction. With the 9X Pro, you get a 48MP primary lens, 2MP secondary lens for depth and an 8MP wide-angle shooter. The 2MP sensor will come in handy in portrait shots and the wide-angle lens will just allow more scene into the frame. It is amazing to see what a wide-angle lens can capture when you are somewhere with a hilly scenic view.

9X Pro rear side shows triple camera
Picture Courtesy: BenyTech

Honor 9X Pro CONS

It’s Huawei

No Huawei is not a bad smartphone manufacturer at all, especially considering their flagships. But the recent tussles with the US government has left Huawei in a bad spot right now. Google announced they won’t provide service to Huawei phones and they are currently just on an extended lease. The situation is still not sorted out, so it would be best to go for a Huawei device after we conclude this chaos.

Regular IPS panel

There is nothing wrong with an IPS panel on a smartphone, but AMOLED panels just look better to the eyes. Before AMOLED was a Samsung only feature, or a feature available on only selective flagship devices of other brands. But now even the lower-priced Realme X comes with an AMOLED panel. So Huawei surely missed a trick there.


The price set for the 9X pro is set at 2199 yuan, which rounds up to 22,000 Indian rupees for the base model ( 8GB + 128GB ). While the higher variant ( 8GB + 256GB ) is priced at 2399 yuan, which converts to around 24,000 Indian rupees. Considering the price it will go up against the likes of Redmi K20, which will be a tough competition to beat.

Is Honor 9X Pro Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a full screen no notch display phone than this phone is certainly a strong contender, especially considering the price. A powerful chip, a feature-packed UI, a gorgeous looking gradient rear panel, along with a more than enough 4,000 mAh battery which can be topped up real quickly are some things that shine a light on the 9X Pro. However, the ban on Huawei from the US still leaves every one of us in confused minds about buying a Huawei phone in the future.

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