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HomePod Mini 2: All You Need to Know

Aside from phones, tablets, and computers, Apple also makes several home appliances. One of these is the HomePod, Apple’s smart speaker and an extended part of the Apple ecosystem. Although, it is not a product that Apple renews annually.

The first generation of the HomePod came out in 2018, and the second one was only earlier this year. The HomePod also has a sibling lineup called the HomePod Mini, which is the center of focus for this article.

Apple is Working on HomePod Mini 2

The HomePod Mini’s first iteration came out in 2020, and Apple has been silent about its successor since then. But, a year ago, Mark Gurman hinted that Apple might be working on renewing the HomePod Mini.

Another report suggested that Apple may start the mass production and shipment of the HomePod Mini 2 in the second half of next year, 2024. In this article, we will cover everything that we know about it.

HomePod Mini (2020)
HomePod Mini (2020)

New Chipset

The second-generation HomePod Mini will likely feature a new chip. HomePods use the same chip as the Apple Watches, the S series chips. Which one the HomePod Mini 2 will feature cannot be guessed.

Since the 2023 HomePod got the S7 chip despite the S8 chip being available, we cannot be sure that the latest chip will be used in the HomePod Mini 2 either. By the time it comes out, which is late 2024, we will have the Apple Watch 10 series.

The Watch 10 series may feature the S10 chip, going by the trend. The first-generation HomePod features the S5 chip, so that a fair guess would be anything from the S7 chip to the S10.

With an upgrade to the chip, there will be improvements in other aspects like sound, connectivity features, responsiveness, etc.

New Features

Speaking about the features, the HomePod Mini 2 will sport the latest technological advancements. These include but are not limited to WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, upgraded drivers, etc. Apart from that, we may also see a load of different software-based features.

Refreshed Colour Options

In addition to the abovementioned things, Apple may bring some new colors to the HomePod Mini 2. The original HomePod Mini is available in the following colors.

  • Space Gray
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Blue
  • Orange

Expected Launch Window and Price

As suggested by the report mentioned earlier, we may see the second generation of the HomePod Mini in the second half of 2024. It is still very early to precisely tell the exact month or date. But we can expect it to be launched along with the iPhone 16 series in the same event.

homepod launch

As for the price, Apple may likely not increase the price with the second generation. The original HomePod Mini cost USD 99 on launch. The HomePod Mini could be available at the same price tag.

But then inflation comes into the picture, too, so a slight bump in the price is not too far-fetched either. Considering all the factors and upgrades, a fair guess would be USD 149.

Lastly, it is essential to note that all of the information provided in this article is based on leaks and speculations. That means that Apple has not officially confirmed any of it. So, take it with a pinch of salt. The final product may vary.

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