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Best Graphene Power Banks

Best Graphene Power Banks in 2019 to Power Your Devices

Hybrid power banks changing the way we think about power banks

All of our smartphone batteries are Lithium polymer constructed batteries. They are good for the price but the latest research has led to the use of a different material for charge storage. The material here on highlight is Graphene. Graphene is a unique construction of graphite which has a bunch of applications. But here we are going to see how much more efficient graphene is if it is used for battery construction in power banks and mobile devices.

Graphene batteries charge up way faster than our traditional Lithium-polymer batteries. It drains out more efficiently too. However, the only and main thing holding it down from becoming mainstream is the cost of production which is pretty high as compared to a lithium-polymer battery. There are no smartphones available on retail with graphene batteries but there are some graphene constructed power banks. So let’s take a look at how they are better than our traditional power banks, which might help you decide whether you need a graphene power bank for yourself or not.

Construction of pure graphene batteries is just not possible for distribution to the masses. As of now, they are just too expensive. So researchers did find a solution for this after they examined and realized that they don’t need full graphene constructed battery to yield better results, a hybrid of Graphene and Lithium-Polymer also does the job. And as a result, such power banks are now available in the markets for purchase. Let’s take a look at the top graphene power banks you can buy in 2019.

List of Best Graphene Power Banks

Power BanksPriceLink to Buy
Apollo Traveller$110Buy Now
ZXINF$59.99Buy Now
UltronNAComing Soon

1. Apollo Traveller

This hybrid design power bank launched as an Indiegogo campaign and was the first power bank to ever be constructed with graphene that was available for purchase. Now adding this extra bit of graphene along with Lithium gives the power bank a super speed in terms of charging. It goes from 0% to until 100% in just 18 min. Imagine charging your power bank to a full charge while you are taking a bath. Traditional lithium battery constructed power banks takes hours to charge up fully. Yes, the capacity of “Elecjet Apollo Traveller” power bank is low at 6,000 mAh but a similar capacity power bank will still take a couple of hours to fully charge up. Graphene also enhances the life of the power bank as we see a charge life cycle of about 10,000 times, 10x more than a traditional lithium power bank. And that’s not all, you can charge up your phone, tablet your laptop at a rapid speed as it gives a charge output of 18W, equivalent to quick-charge 3.0.

Apollo Traveller power bank
Apollo Traveller Graphene Power Bank | Photo Credit: Elecjet

2. ZXINF Graphene Fast Charging Power Bank

ZXINF is a Chinese company which came up with this 10,000 mAh hybrid graphene power bank that charges from 0 to 100 per cent in sixty minutes. It also has dual 18W output to charge to devices together with quick charge 3.0. However, they have gone a step further by manufacturing a top side capable of charging a wireless charging compatible device, like the iPhone X or the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10. All you need to do is place your device on top of the power bank and if your device has wireless charging, it will start charging up wirelessly from the power bank.

ZXINF Graphene Fast Charging Power Bank
ZXINF Graphene Power Bank | Photo Credit: Amazon

3. Ultron Graphene Power Bank

Now both the above power banks are good, but this is the one everyone is waiting waiting for. It is still in its production phase but it will be available for purchase by the end of this year. This power bank packs in a massive 20,000 mAh battery which can charge from 0 to 100 in just 85 minutes. How fast is that considering that it is a 20,000 mAh power bank? On top of that, it provides a fast charge for both iOS and Android as it supports both power delivery 2.0 and Quick-charge 3.0. Just like the ZXINF, the ULTRON also has a charging pad on top to facilitate wireless charging to the flagship devices out there. Yes, the charging speed will be slower in terms of wireless charging, but it is a good feature to have. Most of the times though the user will just stick to fast wired charging of this upcoming power bank.

Ultron Power Bank
Ultron Graphene Power Bank | Photo Credit: Indiegogo


Graphene is costly in terms of mass production. So in terms of graphene constructed power banks, we still have a long way to go and not many products are available out there in the market. However, to stay ahead of the crowd, one can purchase any one of the mentioned Graphene power banks and use the best battery technology out there.

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