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Google Unveils Go Edition of Android 11 with 20% Faster App Launch Time

The Go Edition will work on devices with 2GB of RAM or less

After announcing Android 11 OS along with its source code to AOSP, now Google has launched Android 11 Go Edition. The Go Edition is a simplified light version of Android 11 for low tier (entry-level) Android devices with less hardware power. This new update brings performance and security improvement to eligible devices.

This time Google revamped its Android 11 Go Edition support for devices with 2GB of RAM or less unlike Android 10 Go Edition where it was capped at 1.5GB of RAM.  In performance, Google claimed Android 11 Go Edition will offer 20% faster app launch time compared to Android 10 Go Edition.

Google also bringing the same privacy feature as Android 11 to its Go Edition. Like one-time permission (if an app needs specific sensor permission like microphone or location) and auto permission reset if the app wasn’t used for a long time. Both features are also available in Standard Android 11 OS.

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Also, Google said increasing the RAM supports to 2GB brings additional 270MB of free memory for a device which will help in multitasking or opening two/three more apps in the background. And Google specifically mentioned if the device has 2GB of RAM (running on Android 11 Go Edition) comes with 900MB extra free storage space.

Google also added gesture-based navigation support to this year’s Android 11 GE (Go Edition). This feature will help users with large displays using Android 11 GE; now users will be able to access the home screen, backward navigation and switching apps using different gestures or swipes.

Also, Google told The Verge that Android 11 GE will come with new phones with 2GB RAM but not as an update to existing smartphones with the same RAM (i.e. 2GB) specification.

So we will likely be seeing more Android 11 GE devices from Q4 2020. However, Google says it’s up to manufacturers to decide which edition they would like to use i.e. Android 10 GE or Android 11 GE.

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