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Google to Launch Mid-Range Pixel Smartphone, Pixelbook and Google Home Smart Speakers Soon in India

Google has huge plans for Indian users this year starting this month

With its huge no of users, it’s no big surprise that India is one of the top priority markets for Google and they have always tried to make sure the products reach the Indian markets in the first wave. Even India was one of the key markets for which Android Go; a stripped down version of Android for entry-level smartphones. Now the company is planning to introduce some more consumer products including Google Home smart speakers and a mid-range Pixel smartphone.

This piece of information is from a report by Economic times whose source are four senior industry executives. According to them, Google is planning to launch a Pixelbook laptop and automation home automation product along with the above mentioned Google Home smart speakers and a mid-range Pixel smartphone. Moreover, the company is planning to expand its distribution into general trade and increase spending on marketing, taking a cue from Apple and Samsung.

A leading retailer remarked

Google is excited about the expansion of the consumer products business in India with the advent of the cheap 4G internet led by Reliance Jio and other operators which it says will help to realise maximum potential of these products

Earlier this week, it was reported that the tech giant plans to roll out the smart speaker line by the end of this month which includes the Google Home and Home Mini. The Google speakers are powered by Google Assistant and will come with Hindi support along with 10 other regional languages. They are supposed to take the Amazon smart speakers- Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot, which was launched a few months ago in India. The report stated that the Google Home is expected to cost around Rs 9,999 while the Home mini will retail at Rs 4,499, which are similar to the Amazon speakers and will give them a tough competition.

As for the mid-range Google Pixel phone, this is the first time it has been mentioned and is expected to launch around July-August. The company will also focus on the next Pixel line smartphones scheduled to launch at the end of this year. The Pixelbook is a premium Chromebook costing 1000$ unveiled last year in October. It would directly be competing against the likes of Apple MacBook and Microsoft’s Surface laptop and will come along with intelligent home automation features like a doorbell, camera, alarm system and smoke detector under the Nest brand. The Google Wi-Fi will also take a huge role in it.

Google is expanding its offline presence through hardware distributor Redington as well as “ in-store branding and signage in selected stores and set up exclusive zones with specially designed fixtures like Apple” an executive remarked. 36 percent of Pixel sales were accounted for stores while only 38 percent was accounted for e-commerce sales. This does not mean Google is planning to launch Goole stores too. A retailer who attended the trade meets at Malaysia, UK and US last month said, “They said no decision had been taken regarding this, but they certainly want to expand their offline presence since most of the upcoming products require consumer experience.”

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