Google Pixel Tablet: All You Need to Know

Google held the I/O 2022 this Wednesday, May 11th. The developer keynote was two hours long. Google announced Android 13, new AI features, and much hardware. When we say a lot, we mean it. One of the things that were teased is the Google Pixel Tablet.

Google showed us a teaser video of the Google Pixel Tablet, where they revealed the tablet’s design. If we recall, the Pixel Slate, Pixel C, and Nexus Tablets were unsuccessful. They had a lot of issues, which made Google discontinue them. But now Google aims to change this and make the Pixel Tablet the most helpful tablet globally.

The tablet market is already very mature and has a lot of competition. Many Chinese OEMs like realme, OPPO, and Vivo have also started releasing their tablets. Google does not want to lag behind. Google has already built software for Android tablets and foldable devices— Android 12L. Google’s return to the tablet market is good news for us. Google is aiming to break the tablet market with the Pixel Tablet.

Google Pixel Tablet Design

Google has officially revealed the design of the Google Pixel Tablet from the rear and the front in a teaser video. From what we can see, there is a single camera on the back, like the Nexus Tablet, and a display with white bezels on the front. We also have a camera in landscape mode on the front, much like the Galaxy Tabs. This looks much like a tablet version of the Nest Hub Display.

Google Pixel Tablet Specifications (Expected)

Although the Pixel Tablet has been made official, the specifications remain unknown. The Pixel Tablet will feature a large display, although the exact size is unknown.

At the I/O 2022, Google also revealed that the Pixel Tablet will feature a Google Tensor chip. Tensor is Google’s custom in-house SoC. We do not know if the Tensor chip that will power the Pixel Tablet will be the second generation Google Tensor chip or the current Google Tensor chip from the Pixel 6 series. If Google wants to keep the price of the Pixel Tablet on the lower side, we will most likely see the current Google Tensor chip.

The Pixel Tablet will work seamlessly with Pixel devices, according to Google. The Pixel Tablet will be designed to work seamlessly with all Pixel devices and provide users with the best possible experience.

Google Pixel Tablet Release Prediction

  • The Pixel Tablet will be released in H2 2023.

There is no exact date for the release of the Pixel Tablet, but Google has made it official that it will be released in 2023. Google tends to release hardware in the second half of every year. Hence, we can expect its release in autumn or 2H23.

Google Pixel Tablet Price Prediction

  • The Pixel Tablet may be priced at around $399 in the United States.

For instance, the current base model iPad 9th generation starts at $329, and the base model iPad 5th generation at $599. If Google plans to have a similar price to an iPad, the Pixel Tablet might cost around $399. We should also remember that Google claims it to be premium. However, it is too early to guess the price of the Pixel Tablet as we do not know much about the device.

What do you think of the Pixel Tablet? Will it be a good competitor to the iPads and Galaxy Tabs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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