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Google periodically adds creative wallpaper collections for a few special days. They constantly update their native wallpaper selections, and this latest update is right in time for Christmas. The Feature Drop update, with the Google Play system update for December 2022, has rolled out.

The Live Bloom wallpapers are now available for your Pixel phones. As usual, the latest and 2021 Pixel 6 models get additional perks. These are being distributed through a recent Google Play Store update. Version 2.0 of the Pixel Live Wallpaper app contains these wallpapers.

These wallpapers are available only for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and the latest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. For other Pixel phones, the update is still available, but it does not include the new wallpapers. With this December update, the Pixel Watch has some new features and creative themes like new tiles (weather, contacts, etc.) for Wear OS.

The new wallpapers should appear under the Live Bloom section, provided you’re on a Pixel that got the wallpapers. You can manually download the images for other Android phones and set them as your home or lock screen wallpaper.

It’s worth noting that this will be the last feature update for the year 2022. Some feather wallpapers have been added, too, and the Pixel community makes the usual contributions. The Pokemon collection on the Pixel Live Wallpapers app since the Pixel 4 days has now been removed.

Provided you own the Pixel 7 series, you will get free access to VPN if you’re subscribed to Google One. You get the much anticipated Clear Calling feature that intelligently detects background noise and enhances your voice in real time to deliver much better call quality.

You get Speaker Labels in the recorder app, so the phone automatically assigns labels to people in voice recordings. This update also brings the Security Settings Hub. This feature nearly arranges all of your privacy settings in one place. Fitbit Sleep Profile is bundled with this update. Spatial Audio is said to come to the Pixel Buds Pro starting January 2023. The December update brings sleep Profiling, too.

The new wallpapers are a fantastic-looking addition, especially for those who love flower-themed wallpapers. They beautifully enhance the look of your home screen and lock screen.

They are live wallpapers since the images shift and sway depending on the motion of your phone. They react to touch input and create an illusion of perceived motion by using minimal animations to move in the opposite direction. The wallpapers are available in dark and Light themes, focusing on nature.

Apple had a similar feature called Wallpaper Motion (Parallax Effect) that was unfortunately removed with iOS 16 in favor of the new depth effect. Andrew Zuckerman gave the photos, and the caption was “Bloom one by one. Grow together”.

Pixel Live Bloom Wallpapers

The new Bloom Wallpapers collection contains four images, both static and live. They are called:

  1. Boat Orchid
  2. Flamingo Flower
  3. Maki Dahlia
  4. Finally, Persian Buttercup.
Pixel Live Bloom Wallpaper preview
Pixel Live Bloom Wallpaper Preview

These dynamic wallpaper changes colors as the day passes, each consisting of twelve dynamic shades. The latest version of Android has the popular Material You design language that uses AI to pick out colors individually from the wallpapers and creates a color palette for you with themed icons to customize the overall theme and aesthetic of your entire device. These wallpapers work well with Material You.

However, Google has removed the Blur effect from these wallpapers, and the dimensions and movements have also been altered.

How to Download?

Depending on whether you prefer static wallpapers or live wallpapers, we have compiled both static wallpapers and live wallpapers into separate links.

  • Link 1: Static Wallpapers.
  • Link 2: Live/ Dynamic Wallpapers.

Credit: ThePixelPhones/Telegram

Once the wallpapers are downloaded, save them in your Gallery or File Manager. Just touch and hold an empty space if you want to change your wallpaper on a Pixel. You will see Wallpaper and Style. Tap on Change Wallpaper, and you can pick from the options.

You can choose your own image (which you must do if the images are not officially available) or use a curated image. Bloom or Living Universe should appear, and you can pick the live wallpaper you want. You can choose any new wallpapers if you already have the Pixel Live Wallpapers app installed.

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