Google Pixel Hotspot Authentication Failed Error is Still Not Fixed

Google officially acknowledged the problem with several Pixel phones facing problems with Hotspot a while back, in September 2022. People expected a fix to roll out for this in at least a month or with the December patch.

An advantage of owning a Pixel is getting all security patches on day one, as long as your phone remains supported. The December patch rolled out on 5th December with several quality-of-life improvements.

All supported Pixel devices got the December patch, from the Pixel 4A to the Pixel 7 Pro. It patched up several bugs like Playback issues and Text backup bugs. It also added new wallpapers, Clear Calling, more browser privacy tools, and more sleep insights. You also have speaker labels when recording audio. Some of these features are exclusive to the latest models.

Pixels are known for streamlined and optimized software, and if there are any experience-breaking bugs, they are usually patched fast, mainly with the following security update. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Hotspot bug.

Using Hotspot or Tethering is a highly convenient feature to share your mobile data with others or your own devices. People using several Pixel models have reported that an authentication error message prevents them from properly using this feature.

An error message will appear if you enter the incorrect credentials when signing in. But in this case, even if you enter the correct credentials, the message still shows up. This is most likely an overlook by developers. It’s a bug that has existed for a while for many units.

Reports of the Authentication error have piled up since June 2022, and many people are frustrated about not being able to share their internet connection to other devices. It’s happening to many users because Google has officially confirmed the bug’s existence.

For some people, switching their carrier to Verizon has started the trouble. If you’re a Verizon user, calling them to “resync” your Hotspot might solve the problem since it has reportedly worked for other people.

According to several other reports, there are also bugs like Hotspot turning off automatically and then turning on randomly. An intermittent connection gets quite annoying, and this bug needs to be solved. It sometimes shows “Connected with no internet,” despite mobile data still retaining internet access.

The January 2023 patch has also rolled out to all supported Pixel phones. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series now have Spatial Audio support. In comparison to the December update, this update was minor. There are a bunch of UI adjustments and Bluetooth bug fixes, but there’s no mention of the Authentication bugs or Hotspot bugs.

pixel hotspot error

The issue does not occur with any specific Pixel model since the reports range from older 2019 models to the latest ones. It’s hard to pinpoint a cause other than developer errors.

There are, at the moment, no proven potential workarounds. Basic troubleshooting, like restarting your device, might fix the problem. Restarting is a proven method for simple fixes.

In extreme cases, people resorted to factory resetting the phone, which can be cumbersome and lengthy. We recommend doing this only if Hotspot is very important to you. We hope Google provides a solution to the Hotspot bug as soon as possible, preferably in the upcoming February patch.

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