Google Pixel 2 (G011A) Coming to Taiwan Soon; Certified In Taiwan By NCC

Last month, Google’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Rick Osterloh said to CNA that future Pixel smartphones would be available in the coming months. Now, in a recent turn of events, the company’s FDD-LTE / TD- LTE / W-CDMA / CDMA2000 /GSM terminal “G011A” passed NCC (National Communications Commission) certification a few days ago with certification number CCAI 184 G0020 T 7. The smartphone has passed Bluetooth, wireless LAN, and NFC frequency and uses dual bands Wi-Fi (5 GHz and 2 GHz).

The model number G011A is of Google Pixel 2, which was announced in the US last year in October. Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the Pixel 2 smartphone and completed the sale of the Pixel brand smartphone research and development department on January 30 this year. So Google has been named as both applicant and manufacturer in the certification of the national communication propagation committee.

Pixel 2 NCC

Pixel 2 (G011A) was certified in Taiwan by NCC on March 23, 2018

The company acquired the Pixel brand smartphone research and development department from HTC, after which Taiwan became the company’s largest research and development center in the Asia Pacific, which shows Google intends to launch the Pixel 2 smartphone in Taiwan. The US 1.1 billion dollar deal saw almost 2,000 engineers transferred from HTC to employment under Google’s hardware division.

This certification hints that Google Pixel 2 will be launched in a few weeks in Taiwan. Google has not yet revealed an official date, but Rick Osterloh said the verification and audits are still ongoing, and the exact timing of the product release is still being planned and will take some months. He also hopes that existing and future products will be launched in Taiwan. Still, before Google selects a market, they consider many things, like language and localization.

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