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Google Game Dashboard: Will it arrive on other phones with Android 13?

Game Dashboard brings an in-game overlay that helps in accessing useful tools

Game Dashboard is a feature that lets you choose between longer battery life and higher performance, block out calls and notifications when playing, turn on the FPS counter, live stream, access Play Games achievements, and more. Game Dashboard can be really useful when you are a mobile gamer who wants to extend your smartphone’s battery life during a match. It will be available on select devices running Android T, as confirmed by Google.

Game Dashboard might arrive on Pixel 6a

A new Android System Update changelog from Google revealed that a beta version of its Game Dashboard app is coming to select Android phones running Android 13. Game Dashboard is expected to hit phones running Android 13 in the near future, including the newly launched Pixel 6a. But because of some recent context regarding the Google Pixel 6a, it’s not clear if that means third-party devices will be getting it or not.

While Google has confirmed the arrival of the Game Dashboard on select devices, it is most likely talking about the budget Pixel 6a. The feature is not yet available on the Pixel 6a, and it would later arrive on the phone as a part of its Android 13 update. The feature will most likely arrive later this year, as per AndroidPolice.

While Game Dashboard was available for Android 12, it was only a system-based app exclusive to Pixel devices. Now that Google is trying to implement this feature to Play Services, some things need to be adjusted to make it Android 13-dependent.

Google Game Dashboard look

Is Game Dashboard coming to other Android 13 phones?

As mentioned earlier, Google has not elaborated on which Android 13 devices would be getting the Game Dashboard feature. Rather it mentioned that only ‘select devices’ would be getting this feature. While it is apparent that the newly launched Pixel 6a will get this feature, the status of other Android 13 devices remains unknown.

We’ve seen a lot of progress with regard to the rollout of Android 13, and it’s great. This time around, that platform’s flagship devices are expected to get early access to the latest version. As for other updates coming soon? It’s unclear whether or not you’ll see the Game Dashboard feature on your Pixel 6a or other “selected devices” running Android 13 later this year. Regardless, you can bet we’ll keep an eye out for any new information that comes our way as we continue to follow Google’s plans.

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