Google Fiber 5 Gig Plan: Price and Availability 

Google has finally rolled out its 5Gbps plan for North America. The plan is currently limited to certain cities but will roll out to more cities. While Google Fiber’s competitors are already offering 5Gbps plans, Google seems to stand out with its fantastic value.

The 5Gbps plan can be a game changer for those wanting to stream 4K movies, download massive games, and do other intensive tasks that require fast internet speed. With an increasing trend of multi-gigabit internet across several ISPs, Google Fiber seems to be finally stepping in.

Google Fiber 5 Gig Plan Price

The Google Fiber 5 Gig plan is $125 per month, slightly more expensive than the $100 2 Gig plan. This means the 5Gbps plan provides much more value than the 2Gbps plan. Furthermore, the 1Gbps plan supplied by Google is $70 per month.

Moreover, Google Fiber offers symmetrical upload and download speeds with unlimited data. You don’t have to worry about data limits and enjoy the high internet speed.

Google is also providing a Wi-Fi 6 router for its 5Gbps plan subscribers. Additionally, the company says it will install an upgraded 10 Gig Fiber Jack to prepare its users’ premises for even higher internet speed.

But how does the 5Gbps plan compare to the plans from other ISPs? For the same 5Gbps plan, AT&T will charge you $180 per month, Frontier will charge you $165, and Ziply will charge you $300. Overall, Google provides the best value plan among all the ISPs.

5 gig

Google Fiber 5 Gig Availability

As for availability, Google Fiber’s 5Gbps plan is available in four North American cities, including Kansas City, West Des Moines, Salt Lake City, and Provo. Google has stated that it plans to roll out the plan for more cities by the end of this year. However, there is no official information regarding which cities will get the plan first.

That’s all about the new Google Fiber 5Gbps plan. Google is indeed not stopping here. The company is already working on bringing an 8Gbps plan. So, what do you think of this new plan from Google Fiber? Are you going to upgrade to this plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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