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Good News, From December 1 You can Link your Mobile Number to Aadhaar via OTP & IVRS

From December 1st, people will no longer need to visit the telecom outlets to re-verify their sim based on Aadhaar number. The telecom operators proposed a plan to efficiently re-verify the SIM, and the Unique Identification Authority Of India(UIDAI) approved this plan. Much more efficiently with One time Password, users can now re-verify their sims.

Mr Ajay Bhushan, CEO, UIDAI, said to ET that,

“Yes, we have approved it. We had a very detailed discussion with the telecom operators, and they have come out with a scheme which is secure and will also be convenient to people.”

He further added,

“And this will help people verify their mobile number with Aadhaar without going to a telecom outlet, provided their mobile number is already added to Aadhaar database.”

For sim re-verification purposes, The department of telecom allowed three processes-OTP (One Time Password) via SMS, Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and telco’s mobile app to the telecos to make it easier for them to Re-verify.

The Department of Telecom also allowed biometric and Iris scanning devices at the doorsteps of physically unable people. These processes are only for people who can’t use OTP, fingerprint authentication and can neither go to the local retail stores.

The Unique Identification Authority Of India has instructed the telecos to submit a blueprint of these new processes and to start the further operations for more comfortable and convenient re-verification. Mr Pandey said,

“The steps include one where subscribers can go to the mobile phone company’s portal and give their mobile number, and Aadhaar number and then the OTP will come on the registered mobile number.”

Another convenient way, other than OTP is that for every operator to publicise an IVRS number. People can call on this IVRS number and give in their Aadhaar information and mobile number. Following this, they will receive an OTP which they can enter to re-verify their mobile phone number.

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