Gboard keyboard disappearing receiving notifications

Fix: Gboard Keyboard Disappearing or Not Showing Up with Notifications

Gboard is a virtual keyboard app developed by Google. It was first released on iOS in May 2016, followed by an Android launch in December 2016. It was released as a major update to the Google Keyboard Android app.

Gboard supports many features like a predictive typing engine suggesting the following words based on the context, other features, voice typing, GIFs and emojis, etc. The Gboard app has improved drastically since its launch via updates.

Gboard Keyboard disappearing on receiving notification.

Gboard is also the default Keyboard app many Android manufacturers use due to its reliability. However, a few Gboard users have recently reported that the keyboard tends to disappear when receiving a notification.

The issue only affected Google Pixel devices using the Gboard app, which started after the June 2023 Update.

Taking multiple user reports into account; the issue is evident in devices using the Gboard application.

At first, the issue seemed only to be occurring in Google Pixel devices, but recent reports show the issue happening in devices from Samsung, Nothing, and other brands.

Another thing noticed by the users is this constant issue is faced only on devices running Android versions 12, 13, and 14.

How to Fix?

While Google hasn’t officially stated this issue, users shared a few potential workarounds.

According to one user on the Google Support Forum, Uninstalling the updates of Gboard and reinstalling them again might fix it. If that, the user suggested contacting customer support for this issue via the ‘Help & Feedback’ menu to get official support.

For Pixel users, a Reddit user provided the following solutions:

  • Head over to Settings> Apps> All Apps.
  • Find “Android System Intelligence”.
  • Now tap on the “FORCE STOP” button.


  • Go down to Storage, and then Tap “CLEAR CACHE.” You do not need to clear any data.


  • Return to your home screen and turn your screen off for a moment.

As mentioned before, as of now, there is no official acknowledgment from Google regarding this issue. Google is likely going to fix this soon with an app update.

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