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Best Galaxy S23 (Ultra) Super Fast Chargers to Buy in 2023

The S23 series charges at 45W, and takes a little over an hour

The S23 Ultra can charge at speeds up to 45W. According to Samsung, it takes 30min for 65% of the charge. It’ll juice up to one hundred per cent in over an hour. Charging speeds vary based on your environmental conditions too.

If your surroundings are under 27C, the phone will charge in nearly an hour. If your ambient temperatures are relatively hot, it’ll take more than an hour for the same.

Since the S21 series, Samsung no longer gives you a charger in the box. The S20 series was the last flagship series to arrive with an in-box charger. Since Apple dropped chargers from the 12, other OEMs have steadily copied the move.

Recently at the Mobile World Congress 2023, Redmi teased a whopping 300W charging speed. This could fill up a 4100 mAh cell in under five minutes and 50% in just two minutes.

This makes Samsung’s 45W charging seem uninspiring, but there are some reasons for big-name companies like Samsung and Apple to restrict charging speeds.

These ultra-fast speeds require splitting the battery into two and risking long-term battery health. The number of charge cycles the battery can sustain before losing out on overall battery life might worsen with such fast charging speeds.

Charging technology has progressed, and even up to 100W of charging is safe long-term.

However, we only get 45W for the S23+ and the S23 Ultra and 25W for the vanilla S23. In this article, we’ll tell you our top picks for the best chargers on the market for the S23 lineup.

Galaxy S23 Series Super Fast Charging

Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup’s charging speeds

Samsung calls 45W on the S23 Ultra “Super Fast Charging 2.0”. 25W charging is known as “Super Fast Charging”.

The entire S23 lineup can also charge wirelessly. All three phones in the lineup support Samsung’s Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 standards. Wireless power delivery happens at up to 15W. It’s the Qi or PMA standard for wireless charging.

We recommend using Samsung’s official wireless Charger and power brick to ensure you get the best speeds. These phones also have reverse wireless charging at only 4.5W.

Recently, we covered an issue with Samsung’s Fast Charging on the S23 series. The option to charge fast was missing on the S23 lineup for a while, and users could not charge at the theoretically advertised speeds.

It’s worth noting that charging at 45W requires a 5-Amp USB-C cable. Unfortunately, Samsung only gives us a 3-Amp USB-C cable with the box. The box has no charger, and even the USB-C cable isn’t compatible with 45W fast charging.

If you want to charge at 45W, you have to get a separate cable that supports 5-Amp power transfer, and you’ll also have to buy a 45W power adapter.

45w charger
Credit: Dihines/Amazon

Here is the list of the best chargers for the S23+ & S23 Ultra

You can still officially buy Samsung’s 45W adapter, but that’s quite pricey. If you don’t want to get that, here’s a list of the best third-party chargers on the market.

Update: During Amazon Prime Day 2023, you will get significant discounts on chargers. The Prime Day sale will take place on July 11 and 12. Check the Samsung Accessories page frequently if you want to buy a Galaxy S23 charger.

1. Dihines 45W Super-Fast charger

It’s a compatible 45W adapter with a 6.6ft USB C Cable. It’s compatible with all Samsung products like the S23, S22, and S21 series. You can buy from here.

2. Specialized 45W PD Wall Charger

This Charger also has a 6.6ft black cable and supports Power Delivery. So you can also use this to charge your laptop, TWS, or tablet. You can buy from here.

3. Ubearkk 45W Charger

They advertise that you can charge your S23 Ultra from 0% to 50% in just 20 minutes with this adapter. It’s a portable wall charger with a cable in the box. You can buy from here.

4. Auorld Charger

This 45W PD Charger also supports Power Delivery 3.0 and has multiple built-in safeguards to protect from overvoltage and over-charging. You can buy from here.

5. Jeenek 45W Power Adapter

It’s a 5-Amp Universal E-Mark 45W Power Delivery adapter that’ll conveniently charge your phone from 0 to 100% in an hour. The customer reviews look reasonably positive, and many people recommend it. You can buy from here.

6. Universally compatible 45W Charger

Safe and efficient 45W power adapter with a compatible 5-Amp cable in the box, with USB-C PD and a 40″ type C Cord. The reviews are well above 4, and plenty of positive remarks about the charging speed exist. You can buy from here.

7. 45W USB-C Wall Charger

Comes with a 30-day hassle-free return policy and 12 months of warranty. It can charge multiple devices, and the customer reviews are pretty positive. You can buy from here.

25w charger
Credit: Anker/Amazon

The best wireless chargers for the S23

  1. Dihines 25W Charger: Neat and compact wireless charger.
  2. Anker 312 25W: Takes up less space while giving you just as much power
  3. Samsung 25W USB-C Wall Charger: It delivers up to 3 amps to give your handset power at a much faster rate.
  4. 25W PD Fast Charger: Lightweight, stylish, and compact.

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That was the list of some of the best chargers you can get right now for the S23 series. The series benefits from the 8 Gen 2 chipset, which uses TSMC’s 4nm fabrication.

Moreover, Samsung collaborates with Qualcomm for a bit of CPU and GPU overclock. This gives them a slight theoretical peak performance perk versus the competition. Since the chip is hyper-efficient, the battery will last over a day easily.

The S23 Ultra has a power-efficient LTPO panel. The great chip and One UI 5.1 gives it nearly the same battery life as the top-tier iPhone.

That said, the lack of a charger in the box is a profit-driven move, and we hope Samsung moves to faster-charging standards in the future.

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