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Fix: iCloud Drive shows “An unknown error occurred, Please try again later”

The American Tech Giant recently released iOS 16.3 for iPhones and iPadOS 16.3 for iPads, per the estimated leaked timeline. The updates didn’t bring out massive changes to the current operating system. On the contrary, a significant issue with the devices on iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 is happening. The problem is with iCloud Drive, and showing an error. In this article, we are going to discuss the issue and some of the possible workarounds. So make sure to read till the end. 

iPhone and iPad users are facing issues with iCloud Drive

After the users have updated to the latest iOS 16.3 released by the company, they face issues with iCloud Drive. It is not turning ON, and the feature has been disabled after updating to some users. Also, an irritating pop-up shows, “An unknown error occurred; please try again later,” whenever you try to enable the iCloud Drive. Not only the iPhones but the iPads, after updating to the latest iPadOS 16.3 version, face the same issue. 

To support the statement, here are some affected consumers of iPhone and iPad. A user from Reddit having an iPad Gen 9 is facing an issue with the iCloud Drive after updating it to iPadOS 16.3. He says, “Cannot turn iCloud on iPad Gen9 after iPadOS 16.3.” 

Another Redditor having iPhone 13 Pro facing the iCloud Drive not working issue after updating to iOS 16.3 says, “Can’t Backup to iCloud after 16.3 Update. I updated my iPhone 13 Pro from 16.2 to 16.3 yesterday. I just looked at some of my settings and noticed my backup to iCloud was off. I tried to turn it on and got a message that an unexpected error had occurred and to try again later. I’ve restarted the iPhone and am still getting the same error. I’m still signed in to find my iPhone, and everything else looks.”

Also, a Twitter user says about the issue, “iCloud drive, backup, photos not turning on? An error occurred in iOS 16.3. Apple is claiming the only workaround to fix this is to turn on 2FA, but everyone says that’s not fixing it either. Perhaps there will be a 16.3.1 update to fix this.” Not to mention, no such issues had been faced by the users of iOS 16.2.

issues with iCloud Drive

How to Fix iCloud Drive Not Turning On Issue?

The users have tried general troubleshooting methods like restarting their devices, but that seemed to be working. They have also tried to sign in and out continuously on their Apple ID, but nothing seems helpful. 

Fortunately, there is a potential workaround that will hopefully solve your issue. Some users have tried activating Two-Factor Authentication on their affected devices, and they were able to use iCloud Drive and back up the data successfully. We will also suggest you try this method on a priority basis, and you will get rid of the problem.  

To activate Two-Factor Authentication on your iPhone or iPad, make sure to follow the below-listed steps: 

  • Go to the Settings application on your device.
  • Go to Your name. 
  • Go to Password and Security
  • Tap Turn On Two-Factor Authentication. 
  • Tap on continues and follow the instructions to successfully activate Two-Factor Authentication on your iPhone or iPad. 

You can also try force rebooting your iPhone or iPad and check if that helps. To do so, click the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously and hold the side button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen. Try signing out of your Apple ID and logging in again after rebooting your device. 

The company recently introduced the Advanced Data Protection Feature with the iOS 16.2 update. If you have enabled it before the iOS 16.3 update, it is the primary culprit of the iCloud Drive problem; make sure to turn it Off. 

On that note, we suggest you try out the workarounds mentioned above if you also face a problem with iCloud Drive. Let’s hope that the company officially brings the fix for the same with the iOS 16.3.1 update. Be connected with us, as we will keep updating you about the latest news about the issue. Thank you for reading.

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