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Face ID is Not Working with iOS 16 & iOS 16.3.1: Here’s How to Fix?

Face ID is not available; try setting up Face ID later

The Cupertino-based tech giant announced its much-awaited iPhone 14 series on September 14 in its ‘Far-Out’ event. The iOS 16 was the next-generation operating system on which the iPhone 14 series ran out of the box. The iOS 16 comprises several personalization features, including new widgets, revamped iMessage application, redesigned lock screen, improved haptics, etc. But every new major update comes with significant vulnerabilities and problems, as with iOS 16.

From the beginning, iPhone users have reported an unknown number of issues caused by iOS 16 running on their devices. Rapid battery drain, connectivity issues, flickering screen issues, and many more problems among them have been reported by iOS 16 users. Camera shaking or vibration issues and devices freezing after data transfer from another iPhone were the top problems faced by the users. However, Apple has released subsequent updates for the issues reported yet.

The problem users face after updating to iOS 16 is the Face ID not working, and Apple is unresponsive about the same. The issue began two months ago, immediately after iOS 16, when users updated to iOS 16 (Beta or Stable) and started facing Face ID problems.

iOS 16 and iOS 16.3.1 users are facing Face ID problems

  • An unknown number of users have reported on various social media platforms the problems with Apple’s Face ID stopped working immediately after updating to iOS 16/ iOS 16.3.1.

Update March 2023: After updating to iOS 16.3.1, several users are reporting issues with Face ID. Victor says, “Face ID doesn’t work, I tried resetting it, and now this is what I get. I have the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the latest update, iOS 16.3.1”

It is unclear how many actual users have been affected by the issue, but the number for this is growing. And also, whether particular iPhone devices are involved with the problem is unclear.

An error image said, “Face ID is not available; try setting up Face ID later.” Frustrated users have vented their anger on various social media platforms to know whether anyone else is facing the issue or to check the workarounds.

To support the claim, a Reddit account holder stated that his Face ID stopped working two months ago when he updated to iOS 16. The account says, “After iOS 16 Official Update Face I.D. It stops working and shows this error. Face I.D. perfectly works fine before the update.”

face id issue

Further, a Twitter user facing the issue said, “The current IOS version running on iPhone is iOS 16.1 (20B82) has a Face ID issue. Even the phone unlocks when my friend unlocks my phone with his Face ID.” This means that the issue is not limited to iOS 16, but iOS 16.1 users are also facing the problem with Face ID.

“Face ID is not an available error” is identical to the one in iOS 15.7.1 RC. As stated in the early October report by MacRumors, the iOS 15.7.1 RC (Release Candidate) made the Face ID not work.

An iPhone 11 user reported on Twitter that he could not use Face ID with his device. The tweet says, “My guy updated his iPhone 11 to iOS 16, and his Face ID does not work again.”

There are many users here and there annoyed by the Face ID issue. But, these were only the three pieces of evidence supporting the claim that Face ID stops working when updated to iOS 16, and as discussed, iOS 16.1 users are also part of the problem. As always, Apple remains unresponsive about the issue even though it has been two months.

Ways to Fix iOS 16/ 16.3.1 Face ID Not Working Issue

The users facing the Face ID issue can try general troubleshooting.

  1. Pressing volume up, volume down, and holding the power button until the apple logo shows up and goes away.
  2. Restarting the device.
  3. Downgrading to iOS 16.3
  4. Resetting and attempting to set a new Face ID.
  5. Checking Face ID settings and ensuring that nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera. (By Apple’s Support Page).
  6. Checking for updates.

If you are also one of the users facing a Face ID not working problem, you should try the above-listed methods to tackle the issue and see if that helps. If not, you must wait for Apple’s word, or the next software update (such as iOS 16.4) will probably solve the problem.

Rest all, are you also facing the issue with Face ID? Since how long are you facing the problem? Do tell us in the comments section below. And kindly be connected with us for further confirmation of the solution to the issue.

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  1. I have iPhone 12 pro, and after updating the latest software, which is 16.3.1, within 2 months, my face id stopped working. I restarted so many times and applied all possible methods of correcting it, but it didn’t work.

  2. Face ID stopped after iOS 16.3.1 update. Tried all suggestions and no help. Hopefully next upgrade will fix issue.

  3. Hi Face ID not working on my wife’s iPhone XR since updating to 16.1.1. Restarted several times and reconfigured Face ID without success.

  4. Upgrade last night to 16.1 Face ID is not working. It also will not be set up. I did reboot the phone, as sometimes that helps. No luck. When you get into resetting your Face ID, it gets to the camera but has no buttons to get to the next step. You can only cancel. It will give me an error to move my face closer but then still stays in that error.

  5. My Face ID was working just fine until I upgraded to iOS 16. I IMMEDIATELY got the Face ID not working message and a message that said there was a problem with the TrueDepth camera. How can a SOFTWARE update cause a HARDWARE problem? I took my iPhone X in to the Genius Bar and they said I needed to replace my camera for about $170 and 2 hours labor! Or their preferred option, of course, I can purchase a new iPhone 14 for about $1000 putting more money in their pocket! This is such an obvious SCAM for apple to take even more money from us! Realistically, it can only be a SOFTWARE issue, that the camera doesn’t work with the software upgrade. Which is meant to force us to purchase a new phone. Since Apple refuses to correct this “mandatory phone upgrade” error and release a Face ID fix in their next iOS update, can someone please tell me how to return back to version 15 so I can get my Face ID function back?

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