oneplus 5t
OnePlus 5T

Oneplus 5T Leaked with the Tagline “Dual Camera. Dual OIS. Twice the Butthurt”

The upcoming OnePlus phone to get tons of improvement in the camera part

It’s been a while, every day we saw a new leak about upcoming OnePlus 5T. There were even live images surfaced on the web but still, no one can confirm it is actually coming or not. The previous leaks confirmed the unveil of 5T launch on 16th November and to be an Amazon exclusive. Of course, there are certain sectors where Oneplus 5 could be improved. The design was rumoured since long but do you actually think a new device with nothing improvement else than the 6 inches 18:9 display could last. Remember that “Larger Screen, Same Footprint” tagline which showed there wouldn’t be any improvement in the hardware part of the Oneplus 5, even the Camera part.

A new leaked image confirms, Oneplus 5T to get tons of improvement in the camera part. And a new tagline “Dual Camera. Dual OIS. Twice the Butthurt“. Apart from adding Optical Image Stabilization in both the sensors, there would be minor improvements as well. As seen in the past, Videos and pictures captured of a moving object were bitten shaky. Those horrible shots are expected to improve with Dual OIS lens. However, the tagline indicates some improvement in hardware and performance as well.

oneplus 5t official site leak image DT
Oneplus 5T New Tagline Spotted on Reddit

Update: The leaked image is fake.

Recently seen on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the work by Dual OIS lens was incredible. The videos captured of moving object, I can definitely mention. However, apart from all these, Oneplus can improve the naturality of the colours because the greens captured with Oneplus 5 doesn’t look that realistic they were pretty artificial as seen on other smartphones cameras from China.

Else them all, the 18:9 aspect ratio seems to kick the fingerprint sensor to the back. The rumoured images show a square fingerprint reader at the back of Oneplus 5T. It has been placed just above the Oneplus branding logo. And this tagline has some originality and is identical to Oneplus 5’s tagline “Dual Camera. Clearer Photos”.

Oneplus 5T is expected to receive bit hike in price though it wouldn’t be that much, and might even not be more than 20$ or 25$.

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