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Discord Messages Failed to Load: Here’s How to Fix?

Discord is one of the most popular messaging applications. It is undoubtedly a well-received platform to hang out with our close friends and communities. You can easily create new clubs, custom channels, and communities for your most exciting topics without hassle. The users enjoy the bracing in-app Easter eggs and the functional Discord bots helping them in every possible way. The application serves the user with a smooth and pleasant experience.

However, we can’t deny that every application suffers from known and unknown bugs, issues, and problems; Discord is also one of them. There are some issues here and there usually faced by some Discord users. One of the most common issues is the “Messages failed to load” error on any server. The issue is mainly associated with the Windows version. Both the web browser and the Windows Desktop Discord application face the problem. The affected users have complained about the situation on their official sites and online forums.

The issue has been persistent for a while now in the application. This is a detailed guide discussing the causes of the problem and how to fix them. If you are also a victim, try the recommendations listed below. But before that, let’s understand the causes of the “Messages failed to load” error.

What are the causes of generating a “Messages Failed to Load” Error on Discord?

The “Messages Failed to Load” error is quite a common issue spread over numerous users of Discord. Because of this, the consumers cannot read, send, or receive messages on the SOP, making it useless. This can be very frustrating and irritating. Reading and replying to messages on time is very important as there are official channels, too. If you are also experiencing a similar issue, here we have discussed some of the principal reasons:

Network Connectivity: If you are also facing an issue where the messages fail to load, you must primarily attempt to check your internet connection. The problem can be because of weak and faulty network connectivity. So, make sure that your internet connection is stable.

Temporary Glitch: Another reason behind the issue can be a technical glitch or a server error from the team. This can be solved by simply restarting your device or restarting the application.

Outdated Discord Version: The Discord version should run on the latest software for the optimal application run. The inoperative behavior concerning loading messages can be because of outdated software. Update the software to the newest version on your Windows PC.

Server Status: If the Discord server is down, you must face the “Messages failed to Load” error on your Windows PC. It would help if you waited until the team officially resolved the problem and the servers started to run as intended.

Discord Ban: You will be banned (permanently or temporarily) by the team if you violate their rules, guidelines, and policies. This can be the reason behind the existence of the issue. So, try to avoid any suspicious activity to be in favor of the team, and you will hopefully see the messages back.

These are the primary and essential reasons you are greeted by the “Messages failed to load” error on your Windows PC. Moreover, there are other small reasons which will generate the problem. Now, you are aware of the causes giving rise to the error. Let’s dive into curated solutions that will help you solve the issue.

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9 Ways to Fix “Messages Failed to Load” Error on Discord for Windows PC

Here are some of the practical solutions that probably help you to get rid of the problem occurring on Discord applications for Windows. Try each of them until the issue gets resolved. Hopefully, by following any solution, you will do away with the frustrating problem.

1. Check the Discord Servers:

If you are facing issues like “failed to load messages,” the principal reason can be because of the discord servers experiencing technical glitches. You cannot send or receive any Discord messages when the application for Windows is facing downtime. To ensure the smooth working of the application, the discord servers should be correctly working and running. To check the optimal performance of the application, visit the Discord Server Status.

discord server

2. Check Internet Connection & Your Windows Device:

The possible reason you cannot send or receive messages, or they failed to load, can be your weak and faulty internet connection. Also, your Windows device can be a culprit here. If your internet connection is faulty and inadequate, try running the application with a flawless connection. To check the same, restart the router or check by connecting it to a different Wi-Fi network.

To check that there are no problems with your Windows PC, you can use the in-built Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool by following the below steps:

  • Use the Windows 11 Shortcut Keyboard: Win + R to run the window and type mdsched.exe in the promoted box.
  • Press Enter, and you will see a pop-up window asking you to restart your computer now or later to test the memory-related problems. By performing this, you will understand if there are any issues with your Windows PC restricting you from using Discord flawlessly.
  • Restart your device. Open the Discord application and see whether or not the issue has been resolved.

3. Try Switching Text Channels:

If you use Discord regularly, you must know that some Discord servers have multiple channels. Switching between the different channels is easy by heading to the channel menu on your device’s application. Fortunately, This step will help you load the existing messages and solve the problem.

4. Mark Text Channels as Read:

You can try to make a text channel read to solve the “failed to load messages” error. This will result in marking all the available messages in the channel as read. Further, it will help load the recent messages as the opponent sends them. To label them as read, right-click on the channel name and select the “Mark As Read” option.

5. Force Stop and Restart the Application:

The undemanding solution to the messages failing to load is to force restart the Discord application on your Windows PC. To do it, go to the Task Manager and select Discord in the listing of active processes. Select all “Discord-related processes” from the given list and click the “End task” option at the top-right. Open the Discord application on your Windows PC and check whether the problem is resolved.

6. Update Discord to the Latest Version:

For any application to run flawlessly, it must run on the latest version released by the developer. The new updates fix the bug and add new features to the application. Usually, Discord will spontaneously update to the latest version when you open or restart it. But, sometimes, you may need to update it manually. To update the application, open Discord, and press “Ctrl + R” to refresh the user interface. This will automatically check for the latest updates and install them.

7. Clear Discord Cache on Your Device:

To ensure the optimal running of the application, you should occasionally clean its cache. This method may help you resolve the problem on your Windows PC. Cleaning Discord’s cache will force the application to delete all the previous data. This will restore the app to its default version by downloading new data from its servers.

To clear the Discord cache, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Use the Windows 11 Shortcut Keyboard: Win + R to open the Run window.
  • Type: %appdata%/discord and press enter.
  • A folder containing Discord’s data will be opened. Select the folders named Cache, Code Cache, and GPUCache.
  • Press Shift + Del. This will permanently delete the Discord cache.

8. Enable VPN Connection:

Using a VPN connection is a more technical method to solve the error occurring on Discord. Download and install a VPN service on your device. Open the VPN app and connect to a server from another country other than yours. Now, open Discord, and this VPN trick will let Discord assume that you are from another country, which can hopefully fix the problem.

9. Make Sure You Are Not Banned on Discord:

Breaking the rules, user agreements, and guidelines formed by the developers for the security purpose of the application will result in you getting banned by them. In addition, the different app servers for Minecraft, Fortnite, or Valheim have dedicated community rules.

If you do not obey rules or perform any suspicious activity that goes against their policy, you will face a perks ban for your account or be kicked from a specific server. If you have done any of the above activities, you cannot read, send, or receive text messages on the application.

Two types of bans are involved: permanently banned or temporarily banned from the platform. For such scenarios, you should wait a few hours and then log in again to your account. Your account will hopefully be restored. However, as of now, there is no way to identify whether your account is banned. The application will not officially inform you that you are banned. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the admins of a server have mainly blocked you.


That’s it. We have listed some methods after which you will hopefully resolve the problem associated with Discord. We insist you try them and see if that helps you to fix your issue. Let us know in the comments section below if you find anything helpful.

Do you use Discord? Are you facing the “Messages failed to load” error? Let us know by dropping the comments below. We will be happy if any of the methods mentioned above help you to resolve the issue. Thank you for reading.

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