Discord AMOLED theme not working Android

Discord AMOLED Theme Not Working for Android Users

Discord is a popular platform for gamers to stay connected with their friends. It offers features like voice calls, video calls, texting, etc. It can also host servers for multiple people to interact in the same place. Features like these have made it a trendy platform.

However, occasional issues and quirks can occur in every app and ruin one’s experience. Many recent reports from discord users mentioned the broken nature of the ‘AMOLED’ theme style.

The app comes with three theme styles—light, Dark, and AMOLED. The light theme keeps the background white, the black keeps it grey, and the AMOLED is pitch black. The AMOLED is very popular because it’s easier on the eyes and saves battery on devices with an AMOLED/OLED display.

Discord AMOLED

Whenever a user enables the AMOLED theme, the app doesn’t change its theme partially or entirely. Some UI parts still retain the AMOLED theming, like the server folder and members list, but most of the UI doesn’t.

The users observed that this issue started after the app’s latest beta. Users also shared instances of the theme only changing the bottom navigation bar and the texts and keeping the UI the same.

Some have also tried troubleshooting it by clearing the cache or data of the app, but it was unhelpful.

Fortunately for us, the Discord support team on Twitter has acknowledged this issue and passed it on to the concerned team.

Potential Workaround

If this feature is vital to you and you can’t wait for the official fix from the Discord team, here is a workaround you can try to get back the AMOLED theme feature.

Leave the Discord Beta Channel:

  1. Head to this Discord Beta page on the Play Store and click ‘Leave Beta Testing.’
  2. Wait for a few seconds.
  3. You’ll receive an option to install the stable version
  4. Download and install it right away. Then, launch it and check out the results.

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