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How to Disable Google “Search with an AI-powered boost” Pop-up?

A few months ago, Google started testing AI-powered search functionality in a select few regions. The AI-powered functionality was to improve search results and help one easily find relevant information.

However, the pop-up added by Google for it is frustrating many users. The company introduced the ‘Search with an AI-powered boost’ pop-up.

Google’s New AI-Powered Search Feature Is Annoying Users

According to various reports, many Google app users are feeling annoyed by the introduction of the new ‘Search with an AI-powered boost’ pop-up in the Google app. The users claim that the pop-up appears when they try to perform a search on the platform.

They claim that the only options along with the pop-up are the ‘try now’ and ‘not right now’ buttons. However, neither of the buttons removes the pop-up and hampers with their search experience.

Search with an AI

However, fortunately, Android users can perform searches on their smartphones normally. They can do it without any intrusions from the ‘Search with an AI-powered boost’ pop-up. And for this, they can resort to the regular browser.

A user even claims that the ‘Search with an AI-powered boost’ pop-up takes up three-quarters of the search screen and makes it difficult to view the search results. Another user said that the pop-up disappeared after a few days.

The problem only appears if you ask something on Google, but not if you phrase your search like a regular search query that doesn’t end with a question mark or have any questioning words. Some people prefer the regular Google search and don’t want to use the AI boost.

People are understandably frustrated since Google forcing users to use something that’s doesn’t have good optimization and is fundamentally full of bugs. People demand that Google fix other important issues instead of messing with things that work perfectly fine.

Many people don’t like using AI in search and believe they should have the choice not to use it. People are switching to a different search engine until Google fixes the issues.

This problem is particularly troublesome for non-techy elderly people with trouble navigating smartphones and web-related activities.

Potential Workarounds

Here are a few potential workarounds you can try to disable Google’s “Search with an AI-powered boost” Pop-up.

  1. The first is trying to toggle the ‘Allow Notification’ option available under the ‘Web Browser Activity’ notifications in the Google app.

2. You can also try removing the Google search bar widget from your phone’s home screen and temporarily replacing it with another one.

After doing these, try performing a search on Google and holding the ‘not now’ option. After that’s done, you can put back the original search widget on your home screen. Another option is to search using a browser.

For now, these are the only workarounds. Google has not acknowledged the change yet, and the pop-up will likely stay here.

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