Cordless Phone Says Line in Use: Here’s How to Fix?

Nowadays, every person uses modern cell phones. The digital field of the technology world has been rapidly advancing over the years. At present, we can hardly see a cordless phone. However, in 2022, some people will still use cordless phones. The cordless telephone provides a convenient backup option if there is any problem with your cell phone. You can use a cordless phone when your cell phone has no bars to call. Generally, cordless phones can be seen in reception areas in certain parts of the house.

Cordless phones have plenty of advantages like a smartphone. But cordless phones have some issues as well. Many users have reported that sometimes, when they try to call, the cordless phone says “Line in Use.” So, the owners wonder how they can fix this error message from their cordless phones. Anyways, nothing to worry about. In this article, we will guide you on how you can solve this error message problem on your cordless phone. Just follow our given guidelines.

What is the “Line in Use” Error in Cordless Phone?

Whenever you try to call another person with your cordless phone, it throws a “Line in Use” error message on your phone. After that, you will not be able to call anyone. This message means the phone is engaged. That means one of the handsets could be in use, which makes you unable to make a call.

Why does the Cordless Phone Say “Line in Use” message?

Like any technology, Cordless phones can have some issues. There could be several reasons for this “Line in Use” error message. Sometimes, system bugs prevent you from making or receiving calls using a cordless phone. There could be charging problems also. Make sure that your cordless handset has a proper charge. Another reason could be that your cordless phone might have difficulty making or receiving calls with a “Line in Use” error message. We have found some tips to solve this error message problem on your cordless phone.

Tips to fix the Cordless Phone’s “Line in Use” Issue:

  1. Check the Indicator of Your Cordless Handset.
  2. Re-connect the Power Source.
  3. Check Your Network Connectivity.

1. Check the Indicator of Your Cordless Handset

You should first do this when the “Line in Use” issue occurs. Almost every cordless handset should have indicator lights on the dock. So, you must first check if the relevant indicator is on or blinking. This light indicator tells you the different states of the device. The system might have some issues if the indicator light is not on. Unplug your phone handset line from the modem itself. The indicator light becomes a solid color after you unplug the phone. After that, wait for a minute before plugging the cable back in. Once done with the process, check your handset.

Indicator of Your Cordless Handset
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2. Re-connect the Power Source

The Cordless Phone Says the “Line in Use” error could occur due to poor power source connection. Your handles may be detached from the power source. The position of a cordless phone handset should be fixed. The handset is always connected to the power source. If the base unit of your handset is accidentally unplugged from the power source, many signal issues might occur on your cordless handset. So, you should check whether the base unit is correctly plugged into the power source.

To solve this problem, try unplugging the base unit from the power source for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in. After that, the issue should be removed from your cordless phone handset.

3. Check Your Network Connectivity

Due to poor network, the “Line in Use” issue could occur. If you live in an area surrounded by poor network coverage, then the Cordless Phone Says “Line in Use” Error could come. In that case, you must reset your network or consider improving the network coverage by eliminating unnecessary traffic. This could solve the error message issue on your cordless phone.

Final Words

That’s all for today. You can try these tips if your cordless phone handset throws the “Line in Use” message. All tips are straightforward. We hope our tips will help you to get rid of this issue. If none of these cases applies to you, you may have to consider taking your handset to a technician. If you have any queries, please ask in the comment box below.

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