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How to Choose the Best Inverter & Inverter Battery in India?

Know about Inverters and Inverter Batteries

In India choosing the best Inverter & Battery is a tough task because most of the shopkeepers give wrong advice to buyers so that they can earn more commissions by selling some exact model or brands. I’m not here to bash any brand or Inverter models here but to provide proper knowledge about how to choose Inverter & Batteries so that you can take the right decision yourself and not get fooled by shopkeepers.

Calculate how much power(Watt) you require:

First of all, you need to know how many watts of electricity your equipment consumes in full load. For example, suppose 1 fan consumes about 90 watts and 1 LCD Tv consumes about 150 watts. Now add all your equipment and calculate the total watts. Suppose I have 2 fans and 1 LCD Tv which I planned to use on Inverter power so my total watts will be ((90×2) + (150)) = 330 Watts.

Now find the optimum VA rating for your Inverter(UPS):

In the market, you will see different VA rated Inverters like 1700VA, 900VA, 650VA, etc. You should choose your Inverter VA rating depending upon your total load watts and divide it by 0.8(It is called Power Factor). In my example case my minimum VA rating will be:

330/0.8= 412.5 VA

So I have to buy an Inverter UPS which have a minimum rating of 412.5VA or more otherwise the UPS will fail to deliver power to all of my equipment and will show overload error.

Types of Inverter UPS

Generally, 3 kinds of UPS are available in the market which is currently sold by most shopkeepers, they are:

  1. Pure Sine Wave UPS
  2. Modified Sine Wave UPS
  3. Square Wave UPS

Pure Sine Wave and Square Wave

Pure Sine Wave and Square Wave

Pure Sine Wave UPS:

This is the best kind of UPS you can get in the market. It provides Grid like current quality which protects the electronic equipment like Tabel Fan, TV or Microwave, etc. I use pure sine wave UPS, and I recommend it to everyone. Although it cost little more than the other two types of UPS, it is best. Try not to save money by buying Square wave UPS because, in the long run, it will damage your electronic equipment.

Modified Sine Wave UPS: 

Modified Sine Wave is budget-friendly options but only go for it if you plan to don’t run any electrically sensitive equipment on your Inverter. If you plan to run only light bulbs and nothing important go for it.

Square Wave UPS:

This is the oldest technology in Inverter UPS, you should avoid Square wave UPS entirely at all cost. Don’t go for it in case if any shopkeep give huge discounts on this type of UPS

Type of Inverter Battery

Mainly 3 kinds of Inverter batteries are available in the market.

  1. Tubular Battery
  2. Flat Plate Battery
  3. Maintenance Free Battery

Without going into much technical detail, I would say Tubular batteries are the best because it gives a long life without much maintenance. Tubular batteries are a little bit costly than Flat Plate ones, but it is the best option in the market right now.

If you have the budget and you want zero maintenance then go for Maintenance Free Battery.

Now Find the Optimum Battery Power Size For Your Requirement

After choosing the UPS VA rating and your battery type, you will need to select the right battery size so that it can provide power supply as long as you need. Suppose in my case I want 3 hours of Battery backup from my Inverter then I need to convert my VA to VAh first. For that multiply your total VA to VAh. In my case it will be:

412.5×3=1237.5 VAh

Now after you know your VAh, you need to convert you VAh to Ah because Inverter battery size is labeled in Ah. To convert VAh to Ah divide you VAh by 12, because a regular battery size in the market is 12V. So in my case, it will be:

1237.75/12=103.125 Ah

So finally I know that I will need a 103.125Ah battery to backup my equipment for 3 hours. By this method, you can also calculate your battery size. In the market, Batteries come in many sizes like 120Ah, 150Ah and 200 Ah, etc. So choose what you need by calculating your requirements and don’t get fooled by shopkeepers.

If you have any question about choosing the best Inverter & Battery then drop a comment below, I will try to answer your query and do share this article with your friends and family!

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