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10 Popular Chinese Apps Alternatives for Android & iOS Users

These alternatives apps may protect your privacy

When it comes to privacy and safety of one’s personal data, Chinese Apps are not that trustworthy. Many popular Chinese Apps have been reportedly violating privacy guidelines and selling user’s personal data without their consent to the Chinese Government and third parties. This includes popular apps like TikTok, SHAREit, Xender, UC Browser, and many more. Hence to overcome the privacy risks, we have prepared a list of Chinese Apps Alternatives in India which is available in Google Playstore (for Android) and App Store (for iOS) to download.

On June 29, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese-owned apps due to multiple reasons such as security and privacy concern. The banned Chinese apps include TikTok, Shareit, Kwai, UC Browser, Helo, WeChat, UC News, Xender, Bigo Live, Viva Video, Cam Scanner, Vmate and more. The ban has been enforced under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

10 Popular Chinese Apps Alternatives in India

1. Triller (TikTok, Likee, Kwai & Vigo Video Alternative)

TikTok, which is a Chinese based Video creating App has gained a lot of popularity throughout the world. But recently, the TikTok App has been in the headlines for violating their terms and conditions. The Chinese App has been sharing personal data without the user’s consent to the Chinese Government. Moreover, the app has violated its 2019 agreement by not taking down the videos created by children under 13 years of age. Apart from that, many people claim that TikTok promotes various disturbing contents that are extremely vulnerable to teenagers.

Hence to be on the safe side, we have come with the Thriller App which is a replacement for TikTok as well as Likee, Kwai, and Vigo Video. The Thriller is a USA based App that has been rated 4.4 in Google Playstore. With Thriller, you can create professional-looking videos in minutes with the unique auto-editing algorithm of the App. More than 100 filters and access to personalize videos with texts, drawing and emojis make Triller a better app than TikTok. Thriller allows users to make duet videos by collaborating with anyone in the world along with solo lips-syncing and music videos.


2. ShareChat (Helo Alternative)

Helo, is again is a very popular app that is based in China. The App is a huge success due to its rich content. Helo provides the latest trending videos to the users and gives access to the shows of celebrities and influencers. Supporting over 15 Indian languages and providing regional content, the app has a huge fan-following in India too. But on a recent survey, it has been disclosed that Helo App asks for excessive personal information from the users such as camera and microphone access which is not required. Violating its own guidelines, the App has compromised with the user’s privacy.

Therefore our next pick in the list is the Sharechat App which is an alternative to the Chinese app Helo. ShareChat has been rated 4.3 in Playstore with more than 100 million downloads. The App supports over 15 Indian languages and most importantly the ShareChat App is developed in India. With ShareChat, users can download and share free Whatsapp status videos, funny short videos, latest events, and moreover can talk to strangers. With 300+ emojis and face filters, the app allows users to create dubbing and lip-syncing videos in 15 Indian languages.


3. Files by Google (SHAREit & Xender Alternative)

Files by Google is a very popular app for transferring and sharing files from devices to devices. The App has a rating of 4.6 in Google Playstore and over 500M+ downloads. Files by Google is itself an official App from Google which is the best replacement for the Chinese App like SHAREit and Xender. SHAREIt initially was a file transferring app but now it has pivoted to video creating platforms like Sharechat. Moreover, Xender has also added features like social media downloader and Game Center which shows disturbing pop-up ads while using it. Other than that, SHAREit was on the news last year for compromising its user’s personal information by allowing hackers to download sensitive content from the devices. Hence to avoid this risk, Files by Google is the best alternative. Files by Google App is user friendly without any ads and can transfer files at a speed of 150Mbps. Moreover, it can also be used as a file management app that frees up spaces in our device and can back up files to Google cloud.

Files by Google


4. Google Chrome (UC Browser Alternative)

No doubt, UC Browser, which is Alibaba-owned Chinese Browser App was the most popular browser in the past.  But in 2017, the browser has been delisted from Google Playstore for data theft and misleading promotions. The UC browser App was alleged of transferring user’s personal data and location data directly to Alibaba company without any encryption. Hence the browser has high-security issues and compromises user’s personal data.

To avoid this, Our next pick up in the list is Google Chrome browser by Google which is the best alternative of Chinese app UC Brower. Chrome has a rating of 4.3 in Playstore with 5 billion+ downloads. Google Chrome is a fast, secure, and simple web browser for Android. With Google safe browsing, the Chrome web browser keeps our phone safe by showing warnings while navigating to malicious websites. The Browser gets continuous security updates as Google makes no compromise with its user’s personal information.

Google Chrome

5. ProtonVPN (TurboVPN Alternative)

Proton VPN is our next pick which is an alternative for TurboVPN Chinese app. TurboVPN is developed by Innovative Connecting which is based on Singapore. But the company has collaborated with China which again raises a question for the security of user’s data.

Therefore, we recommend replacing the TurboVPN app with the ProtonVPN. The ProtonVPN app is a developed-in Switzerland and follows the EU’s strict privacy laws. The app neither records browsing history nor sells user’s data to third parties. Plus it is a free VPN with no ads, no logs, and no bandwidth limit. Moreover, The ProtonVPN features better connection stability and faster speeds.


6. Photo Video Maker (VivaVideo Alternative)

Being a video editing app, VivaVideo developed in China asks for too many permissions from a user’s device. The Indian Government has banned the App in 2017 for spying on Indian users. Therefore, to replace VivaVideo, we have picked up the Photo Video Maker App. The App is rated 4.5 in Google Playstore and has over 10 million+ downloads. With Photo Video Maker, users can create videos, movies, and also slide shows on their smartphones. With professional editing tools, beautiful effects, and music, the Photo Video Maker app is the most powerful video maker available in Playstore. Most importantly, the app asks only for storage permission thus keeping user’s privacy intact.

Photo Video Maker

7. Adobe Scan (CamScanner Alternative)

CamScanner is one of the famous pdf maker and document scanner apps. But last year, Google had removed the App from Playstore due to security issues. Kaspersky researchers had found a malicious Trojan module with the Camscanner App. The Trojan module downloads more malicious modules depending on what its users are up to at the moment. Thus with this malicious module, an app will pop up unwanted ads and sign up users for paid subscriptions.

Therefore, Adobe Scan is the best alternative for the chinse app CamScanner. The App has crossed 10 million+ downloads with a 4.7 rating out of 5. Adobe Scanner can convert receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, and almost anything into an Adobe PDF. The Adobe PDF coverts the device into a powerful portable PDF scanner that recognizes text automatically.

Adobe Scan

8. Indian Selfie Camera (BeautyPlus Alternative)

BeautyPlus is a popular photo editing app among the youth. Since it is a Chinese app, so it’s not safe to give access to all the private photos in your gallery. As of now, there is no privacy-violating news regarding the BeautyPlus app but who knows, after all its an app developed by China. So to replace this app, we have picked up the Indian Selfie Camera which is made in India. The app features diverse beauty effects and photo filters to beautify photos. The India Selfie Camera is rated 4.1 in Google Playstore.

Indian Selfie Camera

9. Google Drive (WPS office Alternative)

WPS Office is a popular office suite to create and edit Word documents, PDFs, presentations, excel sheets. It is hard to find an alternative for this Chinese App. The only App that can replace the WPS office is Google Drive which is an official app from Google. The Google Drive app helps to create and edit Word documents, presentations, and excel sheets. Moreover, with Google Drive, users can safely store files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. Google drive has a rating of 4.3 in Playstore with over 5 Billion+ downloads.

Google Drive

10. AppLocker by BGNmobi (AppLock Alternative)

AppLock is another Chinese app that is very popular. AppLock locks the app behind a PIN, password, or fingerprint. But the app’s privacy policy states that it can have access to your gallery, media, camera, and microphone which is irrelevant for an app like AppLock.

So to overcome the privacy risks, we have picked up AppLocker by BGNmobi to replace the AppLock app. The AppLocker by BGNmobi locks and protect apps using a password, pattern, or fingerprint. It prevents unauthorized access and protects the user’s privacy. Moreover, the app never asks for access to the gallery, camera, and microphone.

AppLocker by BGNmobi

So, these are the best alternatives Android/iOS apps you can install on your mobile phone instead of some Chinese apps. If you are worried regarding security and privacy issues of Chinese apps then above mentioned alternatives apps might be helpful for you.

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