Check 5G Bands on Phone

How to Check 5G Bands of a Phone? 

The 5G spectrum has been auctioned in India for a total of Rs. 1.5 lakh crores. Jio stands top with Rs. 88,000 crores spent on bidding. Airtel stands next with Rs. 43,000 crores. Adani Data Network and Vi share the rest of the bidding. The supported 5G bands have also been announced for India. Check this article for the list of supported 5G bands in India. If you have a 5G phone or are planning to buy a 5G phone, you might want to check for the supported 5G bands. In this article, we will show you four simple ways to check 5G bands on any smartphone, including iPhones and Android smartphones from different brands.

  • Bands: List of Supported 5G Bands in India.
  • 5G SIM: Do You Need a New SIM for 5G?
  • 5G Launch Date: PM Modi launched 5G Services in India on October 1.
  • Jio 5G: Jio 5G services will roll out by Diwali 2022.
  • Jio Phone 5G: The phone could be priced at below INR 10000.
  • Airtel 5G: Airtel 5G will be available in 8 cities starting October 1.
  • Vi 5G: Vi has not shared a 5G-related timeline yet.

4 Ways to Check 5G Bands on Phone

Checking 5G bands on the phone is very important for future-proofing your current or next smartphone. Whether you own a 5G phone or plan to buy one, checking the number and kind of 5G bands is a must. This article will help you check the 5G bands on your phone, irrespective of its manufacturer.

Method 1: Check the Device’s Official Specifications

The most convenient way of checking 5G bands on the phone is by visiting the official specifications page of that device. For example, if you want to know the 5G bands on the Poco F4 5G, go to Poco’s website and search for the device. Go to the Poco F4 5G specifications page and check for 5G bands under the Network/Connectivity section. Here is a list of official websites of all major smartphone manufacturers.

5g bands via official site
Poco F4 5G’s Supported 5G Bands

Method 2: Check Your Smartphone’s Retail Box

A good number of manufacturers list the specifications of their smartphones on the retail box. This includes the 5G band details, too. So, if you already own a 5G phone and want to check the 5G bands on your phone, consider checking the retail box for the same. The bands are called NR, New Radio (5G), or SA/NSA 5G. This information is usually at the back of your phone’s retail box.

All the members of the BBK Electronics group, except OnePlus, mention the complete list of specifications of the phone on the back of the retail box, including the 5G bands list. These companies are Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and iQOO. Other smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Apple, Google, Samsung, Nothing, and others do not mention the 5G bands list on the back of the retail box.

Method 3: Check 5G Bands using Third-Party Websites

Many dedicated and reliable websites provide Accurate and complete 5G band information for every smartphone on the market. is one such website. Not only does it let you check the 5G bands on your phone, but it also allows you to check 5G bands’ availability based on region and carrier.

Alternatively, you can also visit to check the 5G bands on your phone. Above this, you can also check region-specific network information on GSMArena.

5g bands via third party

Method 4: Check the 5G Bands of iPhones

Although Apple does not write the 5G bands’ details or any other information on the retail box, it makes it easy for users to find the list of supported 5G bands through its website.

Go to this website and select the iPhone you want to check 5G bands, and you will see a list of 5G bands on your screen.

Final Words

Checking the 5G bands of any phone is a crucial thing to do. This guide will let you know which network bands your phone will work on. Network operators all have their network frequency bands, and you must check your device’s 5G bands in advance so that you are not left disappointed upon buying the new phone. We listed four ways to check the 5G bands of any 5G smartphone. So, which 5G bands does your phone support? Let us know.

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