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Character AI Upload Images Option in Chat Missing: Here’s What You Can Do

Artificial intelligence-based chatbots have been a trending topic over the past few months. And this trend has brought out several websites and services that cater to the audience of these chatbots. One of these is Character.AI.

Character AI has gained popularity mainly because it does what it is intended to in all the right ways. A testament to that would be the range of options it provides for users to engage with. However, some decisions regarding these options from the team at Character AI have not been received very well. In this article, we will discuss one of the recent decisions.

Character AI Users Report Missing Image Sending Feature

As many people have started noticing, Character.AI has removed the option to share images via chat out of the blue. This feature made communicating with the characters more interactive. As per all the reports, the ‘plus’ icon is apparently missing.

Moreover, the shortcut keys are not working either. This sudden decision to eliminate this option has left users wondering why the concerned team at Character AI did so. Some users are even frustrated and want the feature back.

Interestingly enough, the developers were working on fixing a bug related to some network errors right before this happened. This also adds to the possibility that it may just be a bug and that they mistakenly did something wrong.

A few weeks ago, the Character AI team announced that they would be upgrading their backend systems to keep up with increased usage. In a Reddit post, they explained that over the next few weeks, any new chats created would not have access to certain web-only features like uploading images.

Missing Image Sending

Workarounds to get the Upload Image feature back

While users eagerly await an official notice regarding the matter, we have found some ways to get the feature back. We have listed them below.

1. Download a Chrome extension

This is a relatively straightforward fix. All you have to do is download this Chrome extension. It should bring back the option to send images to characters. People who have tried this extension out reported it to be a bit buggy, but it gets the job done.

2. Alter the URL

One particular user reported that a part of the URL for the character you open the chat with has the label ‘chat2’. According to them, removing the ‘2’ from the URL fixes the issue and brings the feature back.

3. Load saved chats

Another Reddit user pointed out that loading saved chats with characters allows sending them images back. While there is insufficient proof to back this claim, you can give it a shot.

That is all there is to do until this gets fixed if it is a bug. In the meantime, we await a statement from Character AI.

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  1. Please Fix This Situation So i Can Get Back To Attaching & Sending images To Characters Please!?.

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