Change Wi-Fi Smart Life App

How to Change Wi-Fi on Smart Life App?

Smart devices that require Wi-Fi are widespread in today’s increasingly connected homes. All connected devices, including those in your smart home, must be updated when you move houses or change your network.

Changing your Wi-Fi network is made easier with the Smart Life app. And if you want to change the Wi-Fi on your Smart Life app, you are in the right place. This post will show how to change your Wi-Fi network using this app.

Change Wi-Fi on Your Smart Life App

When changing to a new ISP, updating all your connected devices can be daunting, as there is no native option within the app to do so. The Smart Life app isn’t connected to your network but facilitates different devices to connect to your network.

To connect your smart life device to a new Wi-Fi network, delete it from the app, reset it, and reconnect it to your new home network. This method guarantees results compared to configuring the exact network details as the previously connected network. Follow along.

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1. Remove the Device and Reset

You need first to remove your smart devices and then reset them. It’s important to note that resetting your device erases all previous settings, including integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you must re-pair your devices with the Smart Life app and any other apps you previously connected to the device. Here’s how to remove your smart devices:

  1. Open the app and go to the home screen first.
  2. Next, locate and press on the device you wish to uninstall. Tap the Pencil symbol in the device control panel window.
  3. Scroll all the way and tap on Remove Device.
  4. Now, choose “Disconnect and Wipe Data.”
  5. If asked, enter your confirmation code only if you want to take the device out.
  6. Once you’ve done this, the device will no longer be listed in the app.
  7. Do this for all your smart devices.

Note: The reset process differs from one device to another. Check the Smart Life app for a device-specific guide to resetting your device.

In case you encounter any problems following a device reset and cannot see them in the Smart Life app, do the following:

  1. Confirm that your smart devices and smartphone are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Verify that your smart devices are turned on and within the Wi-Fi network range.
  3. Restart your smart devices and router.
  4. If the issue persists, reset your smart devices again and repeat the steps mentioned above.

2. Reconnect your Device

After resetting, you can follow these steps to reconnect your device to the Smart Life app:

  1. Go to the Smart Life app (App Store) on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap the “+” icon and choose the “Add Device” option.
  3. Select your device type and the light source (BLE + Wi-Fi).
  4. To begin pairing, reset the light and wait for it to blink. Then, press the “Confirm the indicator is blinking or breathing” button.
  5. To set up in AP mode, select the first status, the slow flashing option. Alternatively, choose the fast-flashing option for EZ mode, which doesn’t require pairing to the device’s hotspot.
  6. Enter your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network name and password, then click “Next”.
  7. Connect to the device’s hotspot by clicking the “Go to Connect” button. This will take you to your phone settings, where you can connect to the “SmartLife-XXXX” or “SL-XXXX” network.
  8. Once you are connected, go back to the Smart Life app.
  9. The app will now automatically register and initialize your device. Once it’s initialized, name your device and tap Done.
  10. Voila! You have successfully changed the Wi-Fi on your Smart Life app.

Note: It is essential to connect your mobile device to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and disable VPN or ad guard to ensure a smooth process. The VPN or Ad guard prevents your smartphone from discovering devices on your network. You can read FAQs here.

Final Words

We have laid down the steps clearly so you can easily follow them. You need first to remove your smart devices, reset them, and then reconnect to the new Wi-Fi network. If you face any issues, let us know in the comments below. We will try to help you out.

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