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best 64mp camera phones

Best Phones With 64MP Camera You Need To Know (Upcoming)

Can a 64MP camera phone take better photos?

The difference we see between a flagship from 2014 and flagship from 2019 is massive and one of the key difference evident to our eyes is the camera tech used in both these times. Now people brands are opting for devices with a higher Megapixel count. 2019 has all been about 48MP sensors, and the next big thing knocking on our doors now are 64MP sensors. As of now, there are no official 64MP smartphones out there in the market, but we are getting confirmation on the arrival of some. Among them, the promising ones are from Samsung and Redmi, which is a sub-brand of Xiaomi. So, here, we will talk about the upcoming best 64MP camera phones to buy in 2019.

64MP camera sensor

Qualcomm said that theoretically, their processors can support camera sensors upto 192MP. As of now, we have only seen 48MP sensors as the maximum sensor sizes but Samsung has pushed a step further by developing the world’s first 64MP sensors for smartphones. Samsung has used a tech called tetra-cell where they have put together four pixels together as one big pixel so that it can capture photos with a much better dynamic range. So now the Samsung sensor can capture pictures with different shades of blue, green and red, that too with more accuracy.

We have seen Asus achieve a software constructed 64MP image file before, but since depended heavily on software, the quality was not up to the mark. Here though from the Samsung Sensor, we get an actual 64MP file and not just a 16 or 13 MP software reconstructed file. How the different brands use this new tech from Samsung, we will let time be the judge of that.

Does high megapixel count matters in a phone?

Now the question arises as to whether a higher megapixel count matters? Does it mean better quality pictures? Theoretically yes it provides the potential for better quality images but without a high-quality lens and sensor setup, all the higher megapixel count on that camera means nothing. We can have a top of the line lens and sensor setup camera with a lower megapixel count produce better quality images than one with a higher megapixel count with an average lens and sensor setup. So how this 64MP count camera lens fair against the likes of industry best Huawei P20 Pro and Pixel 3 XL will depend greatly on how the different brands stack up this sensor with different aperture sizes and the software that will be used for processing.

Best 64MP Camera Phones

1. Xiaomi Redmi A-Series

Xiaomi, as we all know, is always in on the action whenever some new tech comes along. They always try to provide the best and latest tech to the consumers at a fairly lower priced than the other brands, that is they provide value for money devices. Mi 9 was the first device with an 855 processor and now according to XDA developers forum member Kackskrz, there is evidence of a 64MP camera on the MIUI 10 Chinese developer ROM of the Redmi K20 Pro. He found strings in the code with “64MP” and “Ultra-pixel”, all suggesting to an upcoming 64MP Redmi phone. It could belong to Redmi A-Series.

Looking at how Samsung just launched their 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 last month, it seems very likely that this might actually be the truth. Now going by Xiaomi’s track records, they will probably launch this new 64MP smartphone first in their homeland China and then further expand it to other parts of the world like India, UK and so on.

2. Samsung Galaxy A70S

Another phone that has been on the radar for a 64MP camera bump is the Samsung Galaxy A70S. It is less of a shock than the Redmi phone because the tech was first developed by Samsung and a Samsung device with the new 64MP lens is something everybody is waiting to happen. Samsung is pulling up their mid-range game and this might just be the game-changing device for them on the mid-range market. The A70S will be a refreshed version of the already available A70 which is a great phone on its own.

The integration of a 64MP camera on a capable Samsung phone at a reasonable price will appeal to a huge customer base. Plus the name Samsung on its own, speaks for itself. However the mid-range market is right now flooded with some really good value for money devices, so Samsung really needs to be smart about the pricing and not overdo it.

3. Realme X Pro

Realme will soon launch a smartphone with a 64MP AI quad camera in India. Rumours suggest that the phone will be called Realme X Pro. Realme CEO has also shared a photo (via Twitter) taken with 64MP GW1 sensor with 1/1.72-inch and a 1.6-microns pixel size sensor.

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